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Train Like a Boxer: Exercises to Get You in Fighting Shape

Boxing has always seemed popular, it seems, which is perfectly logical, considering that it has a lot of benefits compared to other, more conventional workouts. So, whether you consider boxing your hobby or you’re boxing more seriously, it’s important to incorporate other exercises that can help you maximise the effects of this sport. Before we go any further, it’s essential to point out that getting in fighting shape takes time, so make sure to train diligently, especially if you want to achieve great results. Therefore, here are some workouts that can help you become better at boxing:

1. Rope exercises

Rope exercises are the most popular for boxers and for a good reason: they can help you strengthen your muscles while also keeping you in shape. So, grab a rope and start doing jump warm-ups, but try to stay light on your feet. Then, you can stay on the balls of your feet while barely leaving the ground, as that will help you warm up your arms. If you’re exercising indoors then you can ditch the rope: just keep jumping while simultaneously moving your arms. This exercise will help you get ready for more challenging workouts later on.

2. Straight punches with added weight

This one is more apt for someone who boxes since it requires you to actually do the punching. In order to do this one, you should stand with your feet aligned with your hips while holding small weights in each hand. In case you don’t have weights, you can use a water bottle or a beer can, as they’re both a perfectly good replacement. You can start this exercise with your hands in front of your chest, then throw one arm out like you’re giving a punch. When you’re towards the end of the punch, make sure to twist your arm so your weight will be parallel with the floor, and finally, return the arm to the central position.

3. Sit-ups 

The one thing that every boxing lover needs is a strong core, and sit-ups are a perfect way to make that happen. This exercise is one of the classic ones, which isn’t a surprise considering how effective it is. If you want to do it properly, you should lay on a floor (or even better, a mat) and spread your legs in a butterfly setup, then stretch your arms in front of you while using your abs to pull yourself off the floor. Try to touch your feet with your hands while keeping your chest forward. After you lower back down, repeat everything again. There are many exercises that can advance your boxing skills, but if you want to be fully equipped, then you should check out boxing gear at since they have quality items that can help you become better at boxing. 

4. Squats

Squats have become all the rage thanks to numerous fitness influencers and other women who wish to have a bigger butt, but aside from that, they can also be useful for those who wish to get into fighting shape. The reason for this is that squats help strengthen glutes and legs which makes traditional boxing defences such as bob, weave and slip much easier. Keep in mind that a strong lower body is equally important as a strong and toned upper body, even for boxers. In order to do a proper squat, you’ll need to stand with your feet hip-width apart, and then pull your shoulders back by engaging your abs. Push your butt towards the floor like you’re about to sit on a chair. It’s essential to keep your weight on your heels until your thighs are parallel to the floor, and don’t forget to raise your arms up as you lower down. 

In conclusion, these workouts will surely help you improve your boxing skills, just remember that every progress takes time, so make sure to be patient and kind to yourself as you work towards achieving your fitness goals 


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