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Boxing Tips For Beginners

Boxing is one great sport and workout. This one requires power, agility, endurance, and finesse. Apart from this, you need to be mentally tough to survive. With boxing, it pushes you beyond your limits. Indeed, it is a brutal sport which brings you to be the best version of yourself. 

With every punch, it makes you more alive. With every winning, it makes you more humble. Truly, it reveals the true fighter in each of us. 

Thus, in this article, you will learn some of the basic boxing techniques. This is especially helpful for beginners. For advance boxers, this can help upgrade your skills and help you review your current status. 

Learn the Boxing Stance 

If you learn the correct boxing stance, you can have a better chance to defend and attack yourself from the opponent. With this stance, you are well covered with both hands. Moreover, you can easily attack your opponent. This is true with ufabet. Advanced boxers use different types of stances for advance movements. 

  • Put your back heel and front toe at the centerline. If you are right-handed, put your right hand at the back. If left-handed, put your left hand in the back. 
  • Distribute evenly your weight on across both legs. Slightly bend your knees. 
  • Then, put your feet a little wider than shoulder-width apart. Make sure that the back heel is raised. 
  • Put your elbows down and hands up. 
  • Your heat must be behind your gloves. Put your chin slightly down. See over the gloves. 
  • Relax and breathe properly. 

Master the Footwork 

Beginners must learn the basic pivot and step-drag maneuvers. At first, this movement may seem very difficult to understand. This is because there are a lot of boxers who are in the habit of jumping off the ground. 

When it comes to boxing, see to it that your feet are on the ground. With this, you can be ready to defend, attack, or move away from your opponent. 

Remember it is a waste of energy to jump around. As you develop better technique and conditioning, the footwork will come naturally. 

To do this, start by stepping with your lead foot. Then, drag the rear foot. With this stepping and dragging technique, you can make sure that your weight is grounded. This can also ensure that you are always ready to defend or attack. Furthermore, the technique can prevent you from crossing your feet or walking which will lead to off-balance. 

If you want to go forward or left, step with your left foot first. Thereafter, drag your right foot. Meanwhile, if you want to go backward or right, step with your right foot first. Thereafter, drag your left foot. 


Begin the punches from a relaxed position. As you throw punches, exhale. To build an impact, tighten your body muscles and fist. Then, release your hand back. 

The trick is to use your body weight behind each punch. Do this without losing your balance like in ufabet. Over time, you can master throwing powerful punches in boxing. 

Beginners must learn the proper punching form. Soon, you can now learn various punches variations from different positions. With this, you can develop your punching style. 


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