Shane McGuigan: I am not going to lie Frampton needs the fans and fight week buzz

The boxing ring is regarded as the loneliest place in the World. It’s man against man and they say once you step in through the your on your own.

However, Shane McGuigan claims their is more of a team effort when it comes to Carl Frampton, pointing out the loyalty and love created within Cyclone Promotions plays a part, and even stressing the IBF World champion not only feeds of his passionate fan base but needs them to perform at this best.

Such is ‘The Jackal’s’ skill set, concentration levels, and all-round boxing ability, fan participation may not play a massive part once the bell rings, but the young coach suggests that the atmosphere they create during fight week plays a part in Frampton’s final preparations.

Speaking to the former Ulster champ also talked about the exciting Conrad Cummings v Alfredo Meli clash as well working with David Haye.

Watch interesting and informative interview below:


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