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‘Who Wants it More? ‘ – Anthony Cacace Believes he Trumps Cordina in Desire Stakes

Anthony Cacace knows he goes into his world title fight with Joe Cordina as an underdog but warns he’s an underdog with a vicious bite.

There is also an element of the Befalst super featherweight being happy to have a dog in the fight, espcially considering the scare he got when the initial date was cancelled.

So as one of the most misfortunate fighters in boxing, Cacace is overjoyed to have his shot and is beyond buzzing going into a long overdue title tilt.

However, fighting for a world title isn’t enough for ‘The Apache,’ he wants to win one and is doing all he can to make sure his hand is raised on the massive Oleksandr Usyk versus Tyson Fury on May 18.

“I know what I am. I’m an underdog but underdogs win too. If I didn’t think I could beat this lad, I wouldn’t be training – I’d just go over there and get the money,” Cacace told the Irish News.

“If I didn’t believe I could win I wouldn’t be doing this.”

IBF world title holder, Cordina has admitted the Cacace fight was one he didn’t necessarily want. The Welsh champion has his sights sets on a unification bout or a big American name and thus suggested the Belfast fighter proves somewhat of a nuisance.

Cacace, 35 on the other hand is celebrating a dream opportunity and says he is ready to put it all on the line to become a world champion.

“It’ll be all about who wants it more out there. Joe Cordina is sharp, we know he can punch but I just want this so badly, I’m willing to die in there to win it and you can take that as a laugh or a joke but I’m 100 percent serious.

“I have worked my whole life for this opportunity so it’s time now to do it. I genuinely thought I would never be at this stage but I’m here now and I appreciate it.

“I believe God has brought me to this position and I believe I am here for a reason. All that crap at the start of my career and now I’m fighting in Saudi on the Fury card! You know, it’s dreamy stuff! It’s a dream come true and everybody will get to see a good fight.”


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