Ryan starts career in style

HAVING won everything in his path as a kickboxer, David Ryan made a great start to his professional boxing career tonight. 

It was a really entertaining four rounder, with Bryan Mairena contributing hugely also.

Ryan, who works a butcher in Shannon, made a fantastic start, on the front foot from the very first bell. He also looked quite heavy handed, as he landed continuously throughout the first half of the round. Mairena was taking a lot of shots, but showed great resilience.

It was a dream first round for the Clare man, and the challenge was to keep up the tempo that he had set in those first three minutes.

Mairena, who showed a lot of toughness kept coming forward throug that second round, but in fairness Ryan was always looking to attack also, in what was becoming an excellent watch. 

Ryan was definitely the better fighter in the third round, landing several good comibninations, and an excellent right hand after two minutes. However Mairena was never going to go away, and just kept coming forward. As the round ended he had Ryan on the back foot, but it wasn’t enough to tilt the judging his way.

The final round was more of the same, both fighters looking to attack and attack.

Again, Ryan was the superior force and his size advantage was telling to some extent, while he was the one landing the better, more eye catching shots. However,  in the latter stages the effort he had put into the early stages may have told a little, and Mairena had his own moments of success.

The fight was scored 40-36 in favour of Ryan, and it was a fair call, even though one would have to praise what Mairena brought to the fight. 

Ryan will make the long journey home very happy to have come out on top in what was such an enjoyable fight for the fans. It was his first outing in the boxing ring and one would have to expect that he will have learned a lot from the experience. 

There is still plenty to work on for sure, but at least he has made his first steps, had his first success and made his first mistakes. Hopefully future fights of his will be as entertaining for the neutral as tonight’s spectacle.