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Introducing – David Ryan

Having won everything there is win in kickboxing, David Ryan wants to see what boxing has to offer.

The 27-year-old has enjoyed success in the ring winning Irish, European, and World honours in his previous comabt sport of choice and has now set his sights on sweet science noteterity.

Ryan, who recently teamed up with manager Ian Gaughran, debuts live on TG4 on November 19, populating the Mark Dunlop promoted MHD XV card next month.

The Shannon fighter is excited about the move and told Irish-boxing.com why he makes it now: “I decided to try pro boxing because I’ve won everything as a pro kick-boxer. I won Irish, European and world titles. After that I just wanted to start over and I made the move to boxing.”

Ryan confirmed the switch early in the summer and has been working on the transition and retiring his kicking game since.

“The transition is going great,” he adds. “Everything is coming together nicely. I’ve been working and covering all parts of the game with Shaun. It’s just about getting everything right and I think I’m getting there.”

The 27-year-old has no amateur background but believes his vast combat experience means he can be moved quickly, which is something he hopes to do.

“I really think my experience will stand to me, probably help fast track me into big fights. I want to get as active as I can as soon as I can. I want to move on fast and challenge for a couple of titles, as well a build a big fan base.”

Adding to a solid fan base shouldn’t be a problem for a fighter willing to step up early if Kelly, who also coaches BUI Celtic Champions Graham McCormack and Jamie Morrissey, lets him off the lease to fight in his prefered style.

“My style totally depends on what my opponent is going to bring. I can box on the back foot and i can fight going forward but I do love a good tear up.”

Ryan’s addition to the pro ranks increases the Limerick’s paid contingent further. He joins Lee Reeves, Paddy Donovan, Graham McCormack, Edward Donovan, Jason Harty and Jamie Morrissey in the pro ranks and believes he can benefit from a vibrant Treaty County.

“I can benefit from the buzz around Limerick boxing at the moment. The scene is thriving in the county and it’s only going to get better. Limerick has some great boxes coming through and everyone is willing to help everyone, which means we all benefit from each other.”


Integral part of the Irish boxing community for over 13 years