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Quinn forces early stoppage

CONOR Quinn showed some class tonight, handily disposing of Mikey Young in less than six minutes.

From the outset Quinn was clearly going to be the dominant force, constantly coming forward and putting the hapless Quinn under pressure.

He is the owner of two very fast hands, and that hand speed was in evidence time and again, as his jabs acted as a launching pad for flurries of blows, while there was very little coming back against him.

The first round was a one sided affair, and things only got more one sided as the second progressed.

Within thirty seconds of the beginning of the second Young was backed up against the ropes and took numerous punches, before finally extricating himself.

However Quinn smelt blood and he kept on the front foot, continuing to land almost at will.

With half a minute to go the final assault came. When Quinn had his man pushed back against the ropes again, he let his hands go, landing punch after punch, until referee Hugh Russell Junior had no option but to stop it.

This was a very impressive performance for Quinn, who was clearly levels above his opponent. Quinn clearly has some great attributes and it will be very interesting to see where he goes from here.