Santa Cruz is more skilled than people think says Frampton

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Carl Frampton is refusing to approach his Leo Santa Cruz clash on Saturday with just one tactic in mind.

Over the past few weeks many have suggested that the Belfast man should try his utmost to put the champion on the back-foot and negate his greatest skill.

Santa Cruz, who Frampton challenges for the title in New York on Saturday, is as forward in the boxing ring as Donald Trump is on the speaking podium.

Indeed, the Mexican-American, as the stats prove, is one of the most proactive, aggressive come forward fighters in World boxing.

Santa Cruz has been the aggressor in all of his big wins, hunting down his opponents and taking the safety off the machine gun once he is in range.

Team Frampton believe that once the champion tastes the extra power that not boiling down to 122lbs gives their man, Santa Cruz won’t be as gung-ho as usual. However ‘The Jackal’ himself doesn’t think that putting his foe on the back foot will necessarily prove to be the key to victory.

Indeed he shot down suggestions that if he can back the three-weight World champion up the fight will be over as a contest.

“No. I don’t think the fight’s over [if I back him up]. I think that there are different ways that this fight can be won,” he said during a press call with international media.

“We have a game plan and going into this fight I’m hoping that game plan A can work. If not, I’ll resort to plan B or plan C,” he continued before suggesting Santa Cruz isn’t a one-dimensional fighter.

“Leo can actually box a bit on the back foot. There’s been on occasions, you know, where I’ve seen that, where he can counter well. He blocks shots well and comes back with his own. He’s a very, very high intelligence fighter.

“So he prefers to be a front foot better and coming forward. But I think if push comes to shove then he can actually fight a bit on the back foot.”

“So look, he’s a world-class fighter. He’s not a one trick pony. I’m expecting a very tough fight.”

“But there are a few different plans we have in place and we believe they’re going to work on the night.”


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