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Easy win for Donegan

DOMINIC Donegan got back on track in Belfast tonight, ending a poor run with a straightforward win over Josh Cook.

In truth it was a very one sided affair, with the first round relatively close but still going Donegan’s way, while he was very dominant in the other three, on his way to a 40-36 decision.

Within moments of the first bell Donegan began to establish his jab, while Cook found it much more difficult to get to the Cavan man. 

Throughout the round Donegan’s jabs were virtually all that were landing, while he seemed relatively unenthusiastic about following up whenever he got through.

Again in the second Donegan’s jab saw him establish dominance, and very little was coming back from the English journeyman.

Donegan landed a good right to the body after a minute of the round, while a successful looping left hook in the last half minute were some of the other highlights.

In the third stanza Donegan was a little more aggressive, and was following up with some combinations after his jab got through. He was the comprehensive winner of the round once more, with Cook showing very little ambition, landing very few blows and none at all that seemed to make any impression.

On the negative side for Donegan a small cut opened to the side of one of his eyes during the round, apparently from a clash of heads. 

Early in the fourth Donegan landed a hard right to Cook’s body, but while he was winning easily, a stoppage never looked at all likely. When he did come forward, Cook was quite adept at tying him up, even though the English man landed very few scoring shots himself. 

Donegan landed a few very good right hooks late on, as the fight ambled on to a very predictable conclusion, as it was scored 40-36.

Certainly a good confidence builder for Donegan, putting his career back on track. Confidence would understandbly have been a little low going into this one, but he must have enjoyed the night’s work, and it was a fully deserved victory.