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LIVE UPDATES: Dublin Boxing – Rising Out of the Ashes

We are ringside and ready to go at the National Stadium for the ‘Time To Go Again: Rising Out of the Ashes’ card.

Tony Davitt, Elite Sports Promotions, and Carl Greaves have put together a ten-fight card as professional boxing returns to Dublin for the first time since 2019.

One of two cards in Ireland tonight (the MHD card in Belfast can be viewed HERE), Irish-Boxing.com will be providing round-by-round updates from the capital for all the fights as prospects get busy and some big names gear up for one last roll of the dice.

The card at the National Stadium will be streamed live HERE

First bell on the South Circular Road is scheduled for 6:00pm and you can see our live updates below.

Please refresh page to see Live Updates:

10:17pm: And that win sees Craig improve to [13(2)-3(2)]. Great way to end the night! Thank you for following along.

Round 5: Right hook to the body and Albrecht is down again! He rises but after taking another shot from O’Brien he turns his back! Už ne! TKO5 CRAIG O’BRIEN!

Round 4: Another knockdown for O’Brien following a lovely combo and Albrecht is hurt badly. Looking outside the ring, he takes a knee as the O’Brien barrage comes in and just about sees out the round.

Round 3: Albrecht swinging wildly although still landing a bit too much for comfort. When O’Brien puts his punches together, however, it’s like silk and he has the visitor buzzed again following some sneaky uppercuts through the guard.

Round 2: O’Brien eats an overhand right from the back of the hall as a warning but immediately puts Albrecht down afterwards, nailing him with a perfect left hook as the Czech fell in. Albrecht gets two big left hooks of his own in after the restart – this fight is a lot more action-packed than predicted!

Round 1: Evident from the opening second that O’Brien is a class above and Albrecht is already getting wild and reckless.

9:53pm: It’s time now for the main event as local hero Craig O’Brien [12(1)-3(2)] makes his return for his first fight since his odd loss to Samuel Nmomah in Italy last year. ‘The Iron’ faces Czechian Pavel Albrecht [14(11)-19(10)] over eight rounds. Albrecht went the distance with Brett McGinty last year, with the Donegal kid dominating so it will be interesting to see how O’Brien compares.

9:50pm: Important night for Liam Walsh who brought a big crowd here. The Kingdom Kid is back to winning ways and moves to 4(1)-0-2.

Round 4: Doloban looks spent as Walsh lands heavy, heavy shots. Eventually cornering the Hungarian, Walsh downs him with a bodyshot but Doloban beats the count, just about. Cornering him again, he goes down and Emile Tiedt waves it off. Doloban is furious but he doesn’t know where he is. TKO4 LIAM WALSH!

Round 3: Walsh turning the screw here but Dobolan is a frustrating foe.

Round 2: Breakthrough for Walsh who corners Dobolan and has him rocking. The Hungarian trickster survives but is hurt again from a leaping left hook. Absolute domination from Liam Walsh.

Round 1: Dobolan offering absolutely nothing here. Walsh keeping patient, walking his roly-poly opponent down.

9:29pm: Liam Walsh [3(0)-0-2] looks to get back to winning ways next in our chief support. The Kingdom Kid has had a bit of trouble lately with two consecutive draws but the Kerry light middleweight should have too much for Hungary’s Attila Dobolan [3(1)-5(4)] in their six rounder – Walsh’s first.

9:22pm: Brett McGinty gets the win – 59-55 – and moves to 6(1)-0 as the crowd go absolutely bonkers. Worth the trip to the National Stadium for these scenes alone.

Round 6: Is anyone keeping punchstats for this fight? Right hands from McGinty are getting through with increasing regularity but Ruggiero is just so game – would be great to see him again. We go this distance and that will be a brilliant experience in the bank for McGinty, six rounds that probably felt like ten.

Round 5: Fair play to Ruggiero, an experienced fighter whose been the rounds before. The Italian has some success in the fifth catching McGinty with some smart and sneaky shots but the Irishman is winning the volume war.

Round 4: Ruggiero is hanging in there, throwing just enough to stop the McGinty steam train rolling over him. The Ricky Hatton-trained fighter remains patient, though, ploughing forward.

Round 3: How is McGinty keeping this pace up? The uppercuts are serving the Donegal fighter well and Ruggiero is starting to slow as we move into the second half.

Round 2: This is heavy stuff here, both trading for the entire three minutes. McGinty, though, is just starting to get on top but Ruggiero is still dangerous.

Round 1: Don’t think Ruggiero liked those boos when he walked in because he tears into McGinty from the opening bell. It’s forehead-to-forehead stuff in the Stadium with McGinty cracking in some nice body work and using the jab well at times to get himself a break.

8:55pm: Crazy noise here as McGinty walks in to ‘Seven Nation Army’, on loan from Padraig McCrory for the night.

8:53pm: Here we go with the crowd favourite! The Donegal fans are out in force as Brett McGinty [5(1)-0] finally has his home debut. The St Johnstone light middle faces solid Italian Alessandro Ruggiero [6(1)-10(1)-2] over six

8:49pm: Keating improves to 6(4)-0 with that stoppage. Looked heavy-handed in there.

Round 2: A sensational combo from Keating has Njegac on wobbly legs but he steps off – if it was a ploy to bank some rounds it doesn’t work because Njegac is pulled out at the break – TKO2 DANNY KEATING!

Round 1: Keating is jolting Njegac’s head back with every shot. Complete one-way traffic here but the Croat makes it through. Can’t see this going too much further, Njegac doesn’t look comfortable in the corner.

8:36pm: Mitchelstown’s Danny Keating [5(3)-0] has looked very good every time we have seen him and the welterweight aims to impress again next. ‘Danny Boy’ is in with Croatian Ivan Njegac [13(4)-26(10)] over six – although it could be a lot quicker!

8:33pm: Moylette back to winning ways and improves his record to 13(6)-2(1). Where now for the Islandeady man? Back to America or will Eddie Hearn offer him another chance?

Round 4: Boyanov is bloodied badly and eventually takes a knee, shipping a right hand just as he touches down, his race is run and David Irving waves it off – TKO4 RAY MOYLETTE!

Round 3: Two HUGE right hands from Moylette shake Boyanov right down to his boots. Caught square on, how is he still standing?

Round 2: Moylette easing his way into things, picking some nice left hooks. Boyanov is game but this is like a training session for the Mayo man.

Round 1: Interesting start here, Moylette just sizing Boyanov up. The Bulgarian is showing plenty of aggression but Moylette seems comfortable.

8:13pm: Here we go now with Ray Moylette.

8:11pm: Slight delay here as the DJ plays a few crowd favourites for the benefit of the Brett McGinty fans. They’ve arrived after a very long journey and I think a drink or two may have been taken on the way down.

8:03pm: Following that break we move into the second part of the card and begin with Mayo light welter Ray Moylette [12(5)-2(1)] over six. Returning following his loss to Matchroom starlet Dalton Smith, Moylette faces Ivaylo Boyanov [4(1)-10(6)-1]. The Bulgarian is always game but ‘Sugar Ray’ should be too strong and too schooled for him.

7:58pm: We now have a ten-bell salute to Harrison Jameson, the young boxer who lost his life recently. Jameson was, at one stage, due to make his debut on this bill. The Cavan fighter tragically passed away last month following a road accident, aged just 23. Ar dheis Dé go raibh a anam.

7:51pm: It’s a draw! 38-38. Probably the fairest result. Burke moves now to 3(3)-1(0)-1.

Round 4: Burke is the fresher in the final round, pressuring Kroupa and having the better of it before being stunned with a double right hand from his game opponent. Burke gets his sense back quickly and continues the assault, trading with Kroupa to the bell. Sensational scrap.

Round 3: Kroupa’s legs have slowed and he and Burke are now trading clean shots. Lots being landed by both. This is going to be close!

Round 2: Kroupa is circling constantly, pot-shotting a following Burke who finally gets in close at the close and the pair trade heavy shots. That might be a round for the visiting Czech.

Round 1: Furious start from Burke who is looking to decapitate Kroupa. He hasn’t landed a big one clean yet and has taken a few silly ones on the way in but the Dubliner is thinking only of the finish.

7:30pm: Next up is Kilmore’s Robbie Burke [3(3)-1(0)]. The super middleweight is scheduled for four rounds with Czechia’s Jiri Kroupa [4(3)-6(2)] as he looks to get back in the frame for a rematch with new BUI Celtic champ Jamie Morrissey.

7:24pm: Daniel O’Sullivan gets the nod on David Irving’s card – 60-54 – and he now improves to 2(0)-0.

Round 6: The final stanza is the most competitive as both fighters trade tired. They’re enjoying it in there, smiling away as they fight to the bell. Good six rounder!

Round 5: First time into the fifth for O’Sullivan and he has slowed a bit but he is still managing to land some cracking single shots. Arrowsmith is having his moments but it’s probably not enough to steal rounds. Fun fight.

Round 4: It’s gruelling stuff up close but O’Sullivan is getting the better of it – although he needs to watch out for the left hook upstairs from Arrowsmith who is like a wounded animal.

Round 3: Good response by Arrowsmith who bloodied O’Sullivan’s nose as the pair trade in close. The Celtic Warriors gets back a bit of control when he retreats a couple of steps and lashing in shots to the body.

Round 2: Opening up in the second. Arrowsmith shows a bit more aggression but this allows O’Sullivan to scythe in some long-range shots. A left hook to the body hurts the Manchester man at the close of the round. Strong stuff from Daniel-San.

Round 1: Decent start from O’Sullivan who sets a quite high pace – if he can keep this up for six it will be impressive. Arrowsmith grows into the final minute but the round is the Dubliner’s.

6:56pm: Fighters coming to the ring now. It’s a tough one for Daniel-San [1(0)-0]. The Corduff light middleweight is stepping up to six rounds in just his second fight and faces English toughman Arrowsmith [5(1)-67(6)-2]. Don’t let the record fool you, Arrowsmith is dangerous and won’t have the breaks on tonight away from home.

6:46pm: Bit of a break before our next fight which we believe is Daniel O’Sullivan v Dale Arrowsmith over six.

6:44pm: Great showing and first knockout for Dylan Wilson who moves to 4(1)-0. This kid needs to be in domestic fights.

Round 1: Boom, patient start from Wilson and then a left hook to the body keels Jaros over. Slumped against the ropes, Wilson unloads hook after hook and Jaros goes down and can’t beat the count – KO1 DYLAN WILSON! Two minutes later and Jaros is still down and in a lot of pain. Rib breakers from Dylan Wilson.

6:37pm: No time to dwell as fight #3 comes to the ring. War-loving Clondalkin light welter Dylan Wilson [3(0)-0] has shown his boxing skills in his last two fights in Scotland. However, a home debut over six versus Czech veteran Jiri Jaros [6(4)-24(15)] could bring out the fire.

6:36pm: Teas and coffees have just been brought to the media table which is greatly appreciated and something we’re now expecting from all promoters!

6:35pm: Tough one for McAleer who drops to 4(1)-2(0) but that match-up was always asking for trouble and does point to the difficulty in securing matches for female fighters.

6:34pm: And the visitor gets it! Referee David Irving awards Vaida Masiokaite the bout on a 40-36 scoreline.

Round 4: McAleer comes out flying at the start of the final round, trading big shots looking to turn the fight around but Masiokaite gradually takes back control. Some heart from Cathy!

Round 3: Big round for Masiokaite! McAleer is showing grit but this was a very bad match for her.

Round 2: Some brighter spots from McAleer with the left hooks but just too many shots from the long levers of Masiokaite are getting through.

Round 1: Masiokaite is so much bigger here – the fight is at 130lbs – and is landing some big shots on McAleer. The Belfast boxer is pushing but that is probably a round in the bank for the visitor.

6:20pm: McAleer by comparison walks in to ‘Lyla’ by Oasis. Don’t sleep on late-stage Oasis – or this fight for that matter.

6:19pm: Masiokaite comes to the ring to the old Lithuanian classic of ‘Celtic Symphony’. Don’t tell the Irish Times.

6:18pm: So after that knockout start it’s time for Cathy McAleer [4(1)-1(0)] who has not fought since her loss to Gabriella Mezei back in December 2020 having seen many, many fights fall through. She’s finally back in the ring tonight but the Ulster bantam has an extremely tough fight versus Lithuanian Vaida Masiokaite [2(1)-18(1)-5] whom we saw draw with Cheyanne O’Neill all the way up at light welter. To be honest, McAleer is the underdog here in this four rounder.

6:17pm: Solid opening from the Cork kid, the newest Celtic Warrior. He brand new pro record starts off at 1(1)-0.

Round 3: Vasilev bleeding badly from the nose, down Crowley’s back. He has nothing left and referee Emile Tiedt eventually waves it off. TKO3 CATHAL CROWLEY!

Round 2: Crowley’s a bit over-eager but he is hurting Vasilev up close. The Bulgarian is just clinging on now as Crowley hurts him with right hooks to the body. Nothing is coming back from Vasilev but he survives the round!

Round 1: Packie Collins urging Crowley to go to the body. Vasilev is gangly and awkward, making things messy.

6:00pm: Here comes Cathal Crowley – always interesting to see how a fighter deals with their debut.

5:56pm: MC Terry Kavanagh is in the ring and things are about to get started!

5:41pm: Starting us off tonight is the professional debut of Cork youngster Cathal Crowley. The light heavyweight was a good underage amateur and has now found a home at the Celtic Warriors Gym in Dublin. Bulgarian Veselin Vasilev [0-4(1)] is his first assignment over four rounds. They should be coming to the ring at around 6pm.

5:40pm: Oh it’s good to be back!

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