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Kellie Harrington reveals Conlan Boxing approach

Kellie Harrington has revealed fellow Olympic medal winner Michael Conlan couldn’t persuade her to go pro.

London 2012 medalist, Conlan, who like Harrington won World Championship gold for Ireland, has officially launched a managerial and promotional company with his brother, Jamie Conlan.

The siblings and Conlan Boxing last week confirmed Harrington’s Tokyo teammate, Kurt Walker as their first signing. It was somewhat of a coup for the Conlans and it appears they attempted an even bigger one, as the popular Dubliner revealed she also had an approach.

Considering Harrington and Conlan are friendly it’s likely all contact was informal with no official offer was on the table – but speaking at an event, that confirmed her new three-year partnership with Spar, the 2024 Olympic hopeful did reveal there was turnover contact.

“I’ve spoken to Michael, but I’ve no intention of turning professional. I think everyone respects and understands that. I do think if I was to turn around and say, ‘You know what? I think I will turn professional’, I think I could turn pro in the matter of… that day.

“It’s always nice to have offers. It’s nice to feel like, ‘Oh they actually think I could be a pro.’

“It’s nice to hear that but at the same time, when I think of it, what I’ve done is great but if I walk away now and go professional, I wouldn’t have any space to come home and try and negotiate things for the next generation coming up.”

Conlan Boxing were not the only people to approach the lightweight about turning over. The decision to remain amateur was a personal choice, it doesn’t reflect the quality of any of the offers.

The fact the Conlan’s expressed an interest does show their ambition and would suggest they have hopes to do shows outside of Belfast and possibly in Dublin.

Speaking on Walker, Harrington was happy to see the Belfast fighter cross the boxing divide and ditch the vest. The Portland Row predicts the now Adam Booth trained Top Rank promoted fighter will be a success and she is looking forward to watching him achieve.

“I’m absolutely delighted for Kurt to turn over in the pro ranks.

“What Kurt has done is great for him. I actually cannot wait to follow him, in his career, because I think he’s going to do massive, massive things.

“He was so unlucky not to medal out in Tokyo. It was skin of his teeth to not get that medal out there. I think things are going to come for him. He’s class He has a fiance and has a young child now. He has to do what’s right for him. That’s where the business end of it comes in.

“When you have a young kid and you want to provide for them when they’re older, that’s when you have to start looking at different options.

“He’s absolutely top class. Having him in the gym, he will be missed. Success breeds success, iron sharpens iron, and we’ve had a little piece of iron that’s after leaving now.

“We’re sad to see him go, but we’re going to love watching him growing in his next moves.”


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