5 Tips for Safe Online Money Transactions

Are you looking for tips on how to ensure that your online transactions in Canada are always secure? Don’t worry because you are in the right place. It’s undeniable that people have become more inclined to online transactions over the years than using cash for their transactions. 

The online methods in Canada provide you with convenience, reliability, and the comfort you need whenever you are undertaking your transactions. But that has not left cybercrime out. The increased number of online transaction users keeps attracting various cybercriminal activities.

The attackers have devised better ways of stealing funds from unsuspecting users, thus making life miserable. So, how can you avoid becoming a victim?

We linked up with our expert Kevin Cochran (view profile) to enlighten you on the best ways to make your transactions safer and reliable online. Here are the ways to secure your online transactions:

Use credit cards for online shopping

You can pay by card in a casino in Canada. However, many theft cases have risen in the past due to the use of credit/debit cards. That’s because the hackers find an easier way of stealing the users’ details. They mostly steal the card’s details when in use.

Let that not scare you from doing transactions using credit/debit cards. Instead, consider using your credit card often, as it has a better user protection mechanism. According to the fair credit billing act, you are on the safer side when your credit card gets used in fraudulent activities. 

You don’t have to worry when using your credit card, and it gets used in fraudulent activities because the liability cap is mostly $50. But that’s not the case with debit cards since the owner can be liable for the whole amount involved in the theft. 

Also, recovering the money lost in a fraudulent transaction is difficult and sophisticated compared to a credit card. But if you are fast to report the theft within two working days, you can be sure to recover certain amounts. If you delay, you risk losing up to $500.

Avoid saving passwords/credentials after every transaction

The urge for fast transactions makes most people in Canada save their passwords immediately after making such transactions. Gamers are a common victim when playing various casino games. There are hundreds of real money online casino sites that you may want to access at the click of a button.

Although saving the credentials might be a good idea for you, it may not go well when your device gets into the wrong hands. They will find it easier to make money transfers from your account to their account.

Therefore, cease from saving your passwords and other vital information on your phone’s browser. Doing that will only provide leeway for the scammers to use your account.

Transact only on a secure internet

Most internet users like using public Wi-Fi when doing most of their errands. However, it’s not ideal, especially if you are dealing with vital data attached to the transactions you undertake. Many people do that, and they don’t know the risk they are always putting themselves at.

Public Wi-Fi has fewer security features thus will not protect you from cybercriminals. In case of emergencies and public Wi-Fi is the available option, use them and protect your passwords. Logging out immediately is also an ideal option.

Use a strong password

Your password is a key determinant of whether you will be scammed online or not. Don’t be a victim of setting weaker passwords, especially those relating to the accounts holding your money. Avoid using obvious passwords such as a pet name, your name, or birth year. They are common things that cybercriminals can guess.

Make good use of firewalls and antivirus

Firewalls will help you in filtering and blocking threatening communications on your device. Don’t forget to put the firewall setting on always to avoid attempts by cybercriminals to attack you. 

Using an updated firewall and antivirus will enable you to stay protected from malware attacks. Always be wary of websites that do not have security certificates. Don’t ignore the warning by the firewall. If you do, you will only be exposing yourself to a higher risk.

Your online security in Canada remains a priority, and you should never take it for granted. Instead, consider following the above tips to be secure always, especially when doing transactions.

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