Why do athletes use CBD oil, and which CBD-based product is ideal for athletes?

In other times, thinking that an athlete or sports person could freely use any derivative of the cannabis plant was a reason for penalties, even for legal proceedings that threatened their sports career.

The good thing is that this panorama is part of a past that will not return, all thanks to the arrival of cannabidiol or CBD, one of the plant’s cannabinoids recognized for its benefits to the body and that also lacks psychoactive effects like its closest relative: THC.

One of the most used presentations by the sports guild is the oily extract … and you can now legally buy your CBD oil online. 

It is becoming more accessible thanks to the boom that has been created around the issue of legalizing the compound, as it has been removed from the list of harmful substances for not presenting health risks.

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How does CBD oil get into the sport?

CBD oil has come a long way in search of its full legalization in the sport, and even though there is scientific evidence about its benefits, they seem not to be enough for many.

However, a decisive decision took place through the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) when it is possible to exclude this compound from the extensive list of harmful substances prohibited for athletes.

This situation became one of the best news for the union of athletes who are inclined towards natural products. Still, not everything is that simple since it is necessary to make known that the use of products that comply with legal regulations is only allowed in the European Union, with a high CBD content and a level of less than 0.2% THC.

Which CBD-based product is ideal for athletes?

As already mentioned, some CBD-based products can have a combination of other cannabinoids and interfere with the results of anti-doping tests. For this, it is necessary to have the recommendation of a specialist in the field and evaluate the CBD content of the products, which are currently marketed under 3 categories known as spectra, these are:

  • Full-spectrum CBD

These types of products that are identified as full spectrum contain CBD. In addition, other types of cannabinoids derived from cannabis are present such as CBG or cannabigerol, minimal amounts of THC and some flavonoids and terpenes.

  • Broad-spectrum CBD

In this category of the CBD spectrum, it has been possible to eliminate any minimal trace of THC. However, a partial balance of the rest of the cannabinoids is maintained. This spectrum is ideal for those who want to eliminate THC consumption completely.

  • Isolated spectrum CBD

This spectrum includes products that exclusively have CBD, although in this case, the terpenes that are naturally present along with CBD are also eliminated.

CBD oil benefits for athletes and sport enthusiast

The benefits of CBD can also be enjoyed by athletes healthily and legally. In this case, the product par excellence is CBD oil. Its frequent use helps combat the levels of stress and anxiety that occur in the face of competition or simply the one that appears after demanding training sessions.

This compound allows reducing anxiety without altering the consciousness or cognitive state of the individual. Therefore, the organism is prepared to respond in a healthy way.

Among the properties of CBD is the fact that it enhances the body’s immune response, which is of great benefit to the performance of any sports discipline. In the face of sports injuries, CBD oil has given excellent results, even thanks to its soothing properties,

For athletes, rest is one of the most precious moments. However, most of the time, the same anxiety and stress make the brain remain active even if the body wants to rest. CBD has a precious value. It has been shown to be of benefit to achieve the necessary relaxation and release the stress that interrupts rest and conciliation of quality sleep, undoubtedly, favouring the mood to continue with the daily training.

Buy the best CBD oil only!

It is essential to select only the best CBD products, CBD oils, CBD flowers, and other CD hash if you want to enjoy the many benefits and effects of cannabidiol fully.

To do so, you can find the best and most recognized companies and online CBD shops, with great products and valuable advice to choose the best CBD products online for you!


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