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Title Hungry Oasis Fan McGivern Not Looking Back in Anger

Oasis fan James McGivern has learnt to Roll With It and isn’t Looking Back in Anger as he sets his sights on poping Champagne Supernova as a champion at the end of the year.

Not for the first time in his career ‘The Natural’ suffered an out-of-the-ring setback when his fight scheduled for the National Stadium and September 23 was cancelled.

Such disappointment is a common theme for the majority of Irish boxers but the Belfast talent seems to have bore more of a brunt than others.

Indeed, it’s something so regular the St Georges ABC graduate was half expecting it, so like a punch he could see coming it didn’t hurt too much.

That pain was also lessened by the fact his manager Jason Quigley secured him a fight in Scotland this weekend.

The setbacks also haven’t dulled his ambitions, McGivern still wants to buckle some form of title around his waist before 2023 is done.

“I’m grateful to be getting an outing this month after the Dublin show fell through. It would have been a shame to waste another training camp, so thankfully Jason got me sorted out,” he tells Irish-boxing.com.

“To be honest the way my career has been this far I wasn’t even surprised [September 23 fell through] if there’s one thing I’ve learnt as a professional it’s that you have to roll with it and just control the controllables.”

While he has quickly come to understand the professional path is not a smooth one, McGivern did think he’d be much further along the trail at this stage of his career.

“It hasn’t been the best start to a boxing career,” he comments.

“Considering my amateur background I thought I’d be flying coming into the pro game but between shows being cancelled and people pulling out of fights at the last minute it hasn’t been the best start.

“But again you take the rough with the smooth and keep moving forward,” he adds before revealing his title ambition.

“I really want to finish this year out with a belt and that’s our plan. We hopefully have a fight lined up before the year to finally get a strap I deserve around my waist and kick start my career again.”

The 25-year-old goes back to work at the Normandy Hotel, Renfrew, Scotland on Friday night and is determined to make sure it’s not a case of out of sight out of mind.

The southpaw’s opponent has yet to be officially confirmed but McGivern says it is a boxer who provides him with the chance to make some form of statement.

“This guy hasn’t been stopped by many people and fought some good names, so if I was able to keep this stoppage streak going that would be a big statement.

“Again he’s been in with good names and lasted the whole fight so he’s durable. He’ll be right there the whole fight so it’ll be a good test and great for getting rid of any ring rust.”


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