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‘I Make Dream Fights Happen’ – Lewis Crocker Fight is Tyrone McKenna’s Present to the Fans

It’s the kind of fight fans dream of, but the kind of clash that rarely gets made, unless Tyrone McKenna is involved that is!

McKenna has always had, a ‘make fan dreams come true’ mantra, and has stayed true to his fan-first boxing beliefs by agreeing to fight Lewis Crocker.

Much to the delight of fight followers the Belfast welterweights will compete in a battle of Belfast at the SSE Arena on December 2.

It’s a mouthwatering match-up the mere mention of which prompts massive excitement but one the more business-boxing-minded would suggest the southpaw didn’t have to take.

The talented, dangerous and hungry Crocker brings more by way of risk than reward for a fighter, who was set to challenge for the IBO title on September 16.

However, McKenna’s desire to deliver for the fans meant he couldn’t resist the urge to make one of the most fan-friendly all-Irish fights in recent history.

“In boxing I make dream fights happen for the Belfast fight fans,” he tells Irish-boxing.com with a smile.

“It’s a huge fight for Irish fight fans, and again I’ve put the fans first in my thoughts.

“Lewis is ranked lower than me and I’m always wanting big names, but when this fight was put to me I knew how the Belfast and Irish fans would react. I knew it was gona’ be massive for them, so I said yes straight away.”

The fan-first boxer-second southpaw says the reaction has proved him right and he now believes he will compete in the biggest all-Belfast bout ever.

“I wasn’t wrong, the public have gone crazy over the news. My mails and phone haven’t stopped. People love Irish dust-ups and I don’t think there has ever been a bigger all-Belfast fight.”

Putting himself first, McKenna says he is delighted a fight he is extremely confident he wins tops an Arena bill in Belfast.

“I’m buzzing. If anyone seen my goals last year one of them was to headline my own show in the SSE Arena and here I am achieving that. I think the place is gona be bouncing, the atmosphere is gona be electric,” he adds before quickly reverting back to fan-pleasing mode.

“I’m ready to give the fans the blood bath they deserve.. this fight has the makings of Fight of the Year and I’m preparing myself for a war.”


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