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Rodfather Roddy Collins confirms his son is set to turn pro

Roddy Collins is hopeful he will be given the chance to defend his ‘world champion belt carrier’ title in the near future, as another Collins enters one of the family’s sporting┬ábusinesses.┬á

The former Bohemian manager’s son has decided to turn pro and will confirm a move to the paid ranks over the coming months.

Podge Collins will follow in the footsteps of all time Irish great Steve Collins, his other uncle Paschal Collins and cousin Stevie Collins by punching for pay. 

Irish football character confirmed as much when speaking to Irish-boxing.com last week.   

“He’s going pro sometime in the next six months. He has just joined up with a company that’s going to sponsor him and that will all be announced soon,” he said.┬á

The football coach was keen to point out the lastest fighting Collins makes the move off the advocacy┬áof the fighters in the family not the ‘baller.┬á

“It doesn’t come off the back of my recommendation, Paschal, Steven and all the lads in the [Celtic Warrior ] gym say he is just a natural. Hopefully I’m carrying belts and not him!”  

Irish-boxing.com understands Collins has been a Celtic Warrior Gym regular for a number of years now. He has competed at amateur level and won a novice title in the 2021 Celtic Boxing Cup. He has been training under the watchful of Paschal Collins and has sparred the likes of Rhys Moran and Daniel O’Sullivan regularly.


Integral part of the Irish boxing community for over 13 years