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Lost all Respect – Tyrone McKenna hits out at Florian Marku

Tyrone McKenna no longer thinks Florian Marku is a real fighting man.

Indeed the Belfast war lover says he has lost all respect for the Albanian after he chose an Irish pathway that doesn’t involve him.

‘The Albanian King’ and the ‘Mighty Celt’ have held talks about a mouthwatering meeting but it looks like the Boxxer fighter will fight Dylan Moran instead.

It’s a huge opportunity for the Waterford name and as a result, a fight Irish fight fans can get behind. However, it’s a move that has left McKenna feeling frustrated and a choice he has seriously questioned.

The Whiskey and White Podcast co-host says the Sky Sports-aligned fighter was offered the chance to fight him on three occasions only to rebuff the offer.

McKenna initially felt it was for valid reasons but now believes the ticket-selling entertaining fighter is avoiding him.

“I’m serious, I’ve offered Marku the fight three times,” he told IFL TV.

“You know what’s depressing about that, I always thought Marku was someone who loves a fight, loves a war, I actually respected him. I thought this guy loves to get in and fight, loves the hard fights. I’ve offered it to him three times and he’s turned it down with different excuses each time.

“Then I hear he is going to be fighting [on a certain date] and I’m like ‘happy days’. [He initially] said he’d love to fight me but it wasn’t the right time, so when I heard he had a date I was like ‘This is me getting the call’. Then for him to go around and pick a different Irish fighter instead of me just shows everything,” he adds before declaring Marku no longer holds his admiration.

“You’ve lost my respect, that’s embarrassing. If you want to be a fighter, be a fighter, fight me. We had talks a few times and you chose a different Irish man. If he tries to say I asked for too much money, I actually said I’d fight for the same purse as the other Irish fighter.”


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