‘Little clown thinks he’s Mayweather’ – Graham McCormack accuses Dominic Donegan of ‘talking sh1t’

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Graham McCormack [5(1)-0] has hit back at ‘clown’ Dominic Donegan [5(1)-0] after his fellow light middleweight called him out on Saturday night.

The Limerick 154lbs puncher refutes claims he agree to a Celtic title fight with the Cavan man and went as far as to suggest Donegan’s attempts to make a fight are “pathetic”.

The ‘G’ Train’ has in recent times claimed he wants to fight for the BUI Celtic title and stressed he felt most eligible for a tilt out of a sizable bunch of emerging fighters at the weight.

However, he has taken exception to the way ‘The Bomb’ mentioned his name, suggesting it was more a profile raising exercise than anything else.

“I have agreed to nothing he is talking nothing but shit. He has been texting me begging me for a fight, it’s pathetic,” McCormack told Irish-boxing.com post reading Donegan’s call out on the site.

He went on to give his version of their phone exchange: “What I said was there is no title available to fight for, which there isn’t [Paddy Gallagher currently holds the title]. They definitely haven’t offered me anything.@

“What does he think? I’m gonna say ‘yeah, no probs, I’ll make a trip to fight on your show because you said so’? Little clown thinks he’s Mayweather.”

The southpaw admits he is open to all comers once it makes sense, but claims he has other options he is pursuing and his own unique way suggests the author of the call out is on a profile raising mission.

“I’m a fighter all fights interest me, but who the fuck is he? No one outside his 15 fans from Cavan knows who he is?

“Look he’s just using me and Owen Duffy’s name to try and get noticed, as I said, a clown. I haven’t fought since July and I’m still more talked about than Donegan and he fights every weekend,” McCormack who although upset still continues smiling in a manner which suggests he feels his comments may hit a nerve.

The Treaty County fighter, who has yet to announce a 2020 date, may have held his tongue, but didn’t want his fan to feel he was shying away from a challenge.

His response he suggests is as much for them so they understand that in his opinion the call out wouldn’t be backed up, although there seems to be an element of if a fight was to be made McCormack feels it wouldn’t be on terms that wouldn’t suit.

“I don’t care if he mentions my name I wouldn’t blame him. If I wasn’t me I’d want to be me as well! But seriously I do want my fans to know this is bullshit. I know they want to see me in good fights, but there was no offer and this is a publicity thing.”

The former Boxing Ireland Promotions fighter also points to the fact he believes the title is vacant and thus isn’t available to fight for as proof the call out isn’t genuine.

“There was no title. Honestly it’s just shit talk. I think he must be listening to shit. He needs to pull his head out of the clouds,” he adds before stressing he has other avenues he is more likely to take.

“I have other options and I will be taking them. What do they think because he called me out that I’m going to come running? Please, gimme a break.”


Jonny Stapleton

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