Lewis Crocker open to contesting ‘biggest fight in Ireland’ next

 Lewis Crocker is happy to keep it real, ‘Real Deal’ that is, open to contesting the ‘biggest fight in Ireland’ next.

‘The Croc”s’ win over Conah Walker in Birmingham on Saturday was witnessed ringside by  Paddy Donovan and it seems Matchroom and Eddie Hearn want to make the all-Irish clash for November.

The Belfast man is more than ok with that plan but remains open to all comers, taking a ‘line them up I’ll knock them over’ approach.

“I think it’s the biggest fight in Ireland, so we can for sure get it on.

“Whether it’s two fights’ (time) or next, we’ll get it on. I’ll fight him next, no problem. I believe I’m two-fights away from a world title and ready for whatever’s next.

“I’ll fight anyone, whoever. I’m there and ready to fight. Whatever name it is, let’s do it.”

The 27-year-old Sandy Row man was talking after he came out on the right side of an entertaining battle with Walker.

Such was ‘The Wolf’s’ display that he earned Crocker’s eternal respect and such was the pace set that the Billy Nelson-trained fighter believes it’s a fight that will help him down the line.

“A great fight. He came forward, which made me have to box a lot of rounds where I was using my jab lovely. I thought I won by two, three rounds, but it was a great fight, a tough test, and fair play to Conah.

“They (Walker’s shots) were hitting me but had no effect. Just because the crowd was erupting, I was letting him know it wasn’t getting to my confidence because it wasn’t hurting me.

“I was in for a fight and feel like I was hitting him with the bigger shots. I was never hurt, but we gave a great fight for the fans and one that will stand to me.

“It’s only respect going forward with me and him. He will get a belt, come back, and who knows, maybe in a few years, we will get it on (again).”


Integral part of the Irish boxing community for over 13 years