Kurt Walker Targeting Lewis Crocker Style Breakout

Kurt Walker is taking inspiration from Lewis Crocker ahead of his first top of the bill this Saturday.

Walker steps into the spotlight when faces James Beech Jr on top of a DAZN broadcast Conlan Boxing bill at the Ulster Hall.

It’s a massive moment for a former amateur standout now earmarked for pro success and it’s an opportunity he plans to take.

The Canal BC graduate wants to have a breakout moment on the ‘Breakout’ card and is hopeful it will inject the kind of momentum fellow Belfast operator rocker has experienced in recent times.

Speaking to David Mohan for the Belfast Telegraph he said: “The name of the show, ‘The Breakout’, is exactly what it is so I haven’t prepared for any fight in the past like I’ve done for this one,” he reported. “I’ve put too much into this to slip up, so it’s just about getting the win and seeing where it takes me.

“I look at Lewis Crocker and see how he is going. I’d like to follow that as although he had a few bad years with injuries, the world is at his feet now. You can see it over the past year there is a lot more big-time boxing coming back here. If I have a title, then I can have my name in the hat for when the big shows come here, whatever the platform. I want titles now as I’m 29 and need to start pushing on.

“It’s nearly bigger than headlining for me to be live on DAZN as this is where you have the eyes on you. In my 10 fights, I don’t think I’ve been on TV once. There have been the likes of Facebook live, but TV means people all over the world tuning in and that changes things as you want to be all-in.”

Walker is hopeful a win in his first headline fight will set up a big fight in the Summer and allow him to mention some of the bigger names in Britian, Hopey Price in particular.

“In the UK there are plenty of featherweights, the likes of Hopey Price,” he said. “I’m not sure how long he’ll be out for but he would be my first pick. I would love to fight him on a big DAZN show somewhere – hopefully in Ireland or Belfast. I’m open to anything. It doesn’t really bother me.”


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