Knockout ring walk songs for Irish boxing

Ultimately it’s about what you do in the ring that counts for pugilists the world over.

However, building a profile in the fight game can prove nigh on as important as building a tower of green W’s on Boxrec.

Outside of impressing in the squared circle a good Twitter game can increase fan awareness, trash talking and bold statements can help secure big fights, and a good ring walk tune can play its part.

Fight fans love a signature ring walk, something they can look forward to pre-fight and something they can rejoice in on fight night.

It’s all part of the show. Think Ricky Hatton, Bernard Dunne, and even four-weight Irish Champ Jim ‘The Pink Panther’ Rock who came into this classic.

Years ago, we pushed for Sean ‘Big Sexy’ Turner to adopt Right Said Fred’s ‘I’m Too Sexy’ classic, but he trumped us and elected to come into the following:

It proved a success and it’s a massive shame it never got a TV airing as it would have raised the heavyweight prospect’s profile no end.

After the Turner success and considering it’s a little slower than average period here at we have decided to suggest more ring walk themes for Irish fighters.

James Tennyson – Goodnight Sweetheart, Goodnight – The Spaniels
Imagine you’re in the ring ready to face pound for pound Irish boxing’s biggest puncher James Tennyson, the lights go out and then you hear this.

Don’t tell us you wouldn’t be nervous! Okay, it’s meant to be a love song but, put in the ‘Tenny’ context, it’s a call to war. We mentioned it as a ring walk possibility for Phil Sutcliffe in the first instance of this piece. It may have suited the no nonsense Dub more in terms of an eerie ‘I am coming to knock you out’ feel to it, but Tennyson could certainly own it.

Although he doesn’t have the same menacing pre fight approach to the Crumlin BC graduate his knockout ratio is sensational and his sole fight goal seems to be to put opponents to sleep.

Craig O’Brien – Hold Me Now – Johnny Logan
We are well aware that this suggestion will prompt hundreds of sets of eyes to roll.

In fact we know ‘The Iron’ himself will tut and look skyward and has previously expressed worry with regard to the ‘cheese’ element to the tune. Still we argue it would prove a massive success. In fact we believe it could become a legendary Irish ring walk.

The Eurovision winning tune has been adopted by the Bohemians supporters and, like O’Brien, is a regular at Dalymount Park.

Much like ‘Sweet Caroline’ it’s a proven sing along tune and one with a history of prompting fan participation. In that regard O’Brien would be serenaded to the ring by his sizeable following – always something that adds value to any proposed promoters.

Not to mention, it would strengthen his relationships with with the en-vogue Bohemians and the club’s supporters. Owen O’Neill has already shown what a link to a football club can do, the Cliftonville supporter is the biggest small hall ticket seller in Belfast.

Niall Kennedy – I Fought the Law – The Clash
It’s one that some may argue rings true for a host of other fighters, but we have chosen this one for Naill Kennedy.

More a message to the heavyweight’s opponents than a reflection on him.

Kennedy is a respected member of An Garda Síochána as well a heavyweight hopeful and the song fits.

Padraig McCrory – U Can’t Touch This – MC Hammer
Peter Gabriel’s ‘Sledge Hammer’ may be a better fit, but we think Padraig McCrory should enter the ring to MC Hammer’s one-hit wonder.

‘Sledgehammer’ suits the ‘The Hammer’ more in terms of the big right hand he possess and the fact the no frills fighter may prefer a less flamboyant approach.

However, MC Hammer’s pop culture relic would be ideal for his sizable and certainly non reserved following.

The McCrory faithful would rejoice in the song and live for that ‘Hammer Time’ moment. No doubt they would raise the roof if their man was to be accompanied to the ring by the famous rap song – and knowing the BUI Celtic champions following there is no doubt the famous dance would be playing out in the isles.

The song has since become a associated with McCrory’s new coach Dee Walsh and his evasive approach and could be a double homage number.

Gary Cully – Rotating Diva Classics
Again this is a suggestion we would probably have to sell in person, but again we know it would work.

Gary Cully has proved himself a good fight builder, had the balls and the sense of humour to plump for ‘The Diva’ ring moniker and is image aware – and in that regard could see how this would work.

We want Cully to embrace his unusual and even tongue-in-cheek ‘Diva’ nickname by coming into the ring to a diva classic every time he fights.

It’s not quite conducive to the boxer’s image, but that’s the point right? That’s what makes the ring moniker stick out and this is about bringing that to the next level.

A Peek Inside 'Divas Live,' Pop Music's Greatest Worship Service ...

So one fight Whitney Houston, next fight Tina Turner, follow by Aretha Franklin, Cher, Mariah Carey, Beyonce and so on and so on.

It has that background story element that would excite the media and would be continually referenced. Come fight week, no doubt which ‘Diva’ is next would become a thing and no matter where the Kildare fighter is on the card he will be centre of attention in terms of ring walks.

Cully would also get to have fun with it, can pick a song to suit each fight and has the ultimate excuse to change things up musically.

Graham McCormack – Rock N Roll Train – AC/DC
There are a host of train-based tunes the ‘G Train’ could use to good effect.

Folsom Prison Blues by the great Johnny Cash begins with:

‘I hear the train a comin’
It’s rollin’ ’round the bend,’

and would be popular with the Limerick faithful. The dance tune ‘All Abroad The Night Train’ is another obvious contender, but we feel Rock N Roll Train by go-to ring walk band AC/DC fits perfect.

And there are so, so many others too

Steven ‘The Donn’ Donnelly or the cigar smoking Ruairi Dalton could consider The Godfather theme tune.

Tyrone McKenna is capable of creating his own ring walk and we would suggest something along the lines of WWE star Road Dogg Jessie James intro, where McKenna can throw out some lines of some get in the mood music.

And if warrior Jamie Conlan was to fight again we’d love to see him come into Chumbawamba’s Tubthumping (I Get Knocked Down But I Get Up Again).

And Katie Taylor. Well, the living legend doesn’t even need a ringwalk song to intimidate.

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