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Katie Taylor wanted instant Persoon rematch – Team pushed alternative fights

Delfine Persoon [44(18)-2(1)] has been top of Katie Taylor’s hit list since the morning after the night before last summer.

It’s not often the victor of an all action, tight and tense battle wants a return, but Taylor [15(6)-0] requested exactly that.

Indeed, the undisputed lightweight champion of the world requested an immediate rematch less than 24 hours after she had secured the final piece of the undisputed lightweight puzzle, by defeating Persoon in Madison Square Garden.

The 34-year-old was upset by the fact some felt the Belgian Police Officer was robbed – and was motivated to prove she was indeed the better of the two fighters.

Those surrounding her wanted to look at other options with two weight world champion status and a mega clash with Amanda Serrano appealing more to Brian Peters and Eddie Hearn.

However, Persoon was always the one Taylor wanted according to Sky Pundit Matthew Macklin.

“The morning after the fight, Katie Taylor wanted an immediate rematch,” said Macklin.

“She heard a lot of the comments. People were saying that Persoon was unlucky, that she should have got it. Katie was like, ‘I want to do an immediate rematch. I want to go straight into a rematch next fight. I don’t want to hear any other talk of opponents.

“Since then [manager] Brian [Peters], Eddie [Hearn] wanted to go a different route, but we’re getting the rematch now. I think it was a fight that was always going to happen, because it was one that Katie wanted for her legacy. If she was to retire and this rematch never happened, maybe there would be a little bit of a stain against her, because some people did feel that Persoon won the fight.”

According to Macklin it’s not just a blind desire to settle the score that drives Taylor going into the return, the former European champion reveals the Wicklow sensation feels she can do a lot better against the Belgian police officer.

The former amateur ground breaker feels she failed to use her superior skills and the battle hardened veteran and thus nagated the big advantages she had for the majority of the 10 rounds.

“Last time she felt that she got dragged down to Persoon’s level. Got dragged into a dogfight. Didn’t use her skills or her technical ability. I expect her to approach this fight in a much different way. She’ll box a lot smarter. She’ll use her feet. I don’t think she’ll stand toe to toe as much.

“I think it will be a great fight, because Persoon will make Katie Taylor fight. Katie will be a little bit smarter this time. She’ll use her angles a bit more. A couple of times she backed up in straight lines, and she got caught. Those little improvements, those little adjustments that she will make going into this fight will make it a more comfortable win for her.”


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