Jono Carroll basks in Scott Quigg ‘masterclass’

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Jono Carroll was happy to live in the moment and bask in his ‘masterclass’ on Saturday.

‘King Kong’ put in a sensational performance to beat former world champion Scott Quigg and put himself on course for a second world title shot.

However, after the career best win and performance Carroll wasn’t too keen to look forward, rather he was happy to enjoy his success.

The southpaw was happy to reflect on a ‘masterclass’ on an eleventh round stoppage that left him feeling proud.

“It was a masterclass performance. I stuck to the game plan. I used my head not just brawn and it paid off of for me tonight. I am proud of my performance,” Carroll told Boxing Social before electing against looking into the future.

“That’s not up to me that is MTK Global, the best management team in the business’ job. For me I just keep performing and improving day in day out. Whatever comes next comes next. My job is to fight and whoever they put me against I am sure it will be the right opponent and I am sure I’ll perform on that night as well.”

Discussing the fight ‘King Kong’ admitted it all went as planned and revealed he felt comfortable throughout.

“I knew I had him in every aspect. I had him in speed, footwork, I had him in the feints and I believe I had him in power too. He didn’t hurt me with anything,” he adds before stating he still had to remain switched on throughout.

“I was very confident, but I knew at the same time I couldn’t switch off at any stage of the fight because if I did it could have been bad for me.

“I like fights like that were I have to stay switched on. I makes me a better fighter in general.”

So dominant was Carroll in every aspect that calls for Quigg to be pulled out began to increase steadily from round seven on.

Joe Gallagher eventually threw in the towel in the penultimate round and while Carroll feels it could have come in earlier he understands why it didn’t.

“Scott Quigg is a former world champion. Joe would have never wanted to throw the towel in. The last thing he wanted to do was be stopped. He is a former world champion, he has only lost to two people and has never been stopped.

“The last thing he would want to do is to go out on a stoppage. I suppose [Joe] was just trying to let him see the fight out, but coming to the end I was getting stronger and faster. My shots were starting to land a lot more and I think he done the smart thing by throwing the towel in.”



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