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Eddie Hearn: Let’s not waste the chance to make an Irish classic

Eddie Hearn has warned Irish boxing against letting an Irish classic slip through its fingers.

The Matchroom Chairman believes a fight between Lewis Crocker and Paddy Donovan could be ‘special’ and as a result is adamant Irish boxing shouldn’t waste the opportunity to get made.

Unlike his sidekick Frank Smith, Hearn isn’t screaming for it to be next, but does want it to play out this year, and is concerned if left to marinate too long it may go off the boil.

“There is a lot of talk about Lewis Crocker and Paddy Donovan now,” Hearn said.

“Talks about getting compensated correctly, is it worth building the fight, do we let it marinate or do we make it now?

“I think Irish boxing has a real good thing going at the moment and we’ve got to plan it right, we’ve got to map it out.

“It has to happen this year 100%. It’s just is it next or the one after? That’s all I’m thinking. Like we have a chance here to do a real classic all-Irish fight. Plus if these guys are going to go on and be special, be elite they’ve got to and beat each other.

“We have got to look at going to Limerick with Paddy, maybe that’s a Next Gen card, maybe look at Lewis having a run out on the Katie Taylor undercard,” he adds before expressing concerns with regard to leaving it too long.

“Let’s not waste the opportunity to make an Irish classic between Crocker and Donovan”

Both fighters have said they are happy to let build and both have said it’s a fight they feel they should get paid for.

Hearn agrees the purse should match the 50-50 nature of the fight, although he points out the rewards on offer do make it a risk worth taking.

“You’ve seen them say ‘lets get compensated’ and that’s right, it’s a 50-50 the should. But if you win that kind of fight that’s going to bring you to the next level profile, commercial and purse-wise. I think we could do something special and I’m buzzing for Irish boxing. Dublin Belfast there are opportunities for big shows all around.”


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