Joe Gallagher: Macklin will trump Haye

JUNE 18 Jonny Stapleton

Macklin backed by his trainer to be latest Irish worl champion

Matthew Macklin’s trainer Joe Gallagher claims the world will be talking about the Irish middleweight and not David Haye come end of the summer.

The Manchester based trainer believes the former European champion will steal the spot light from the brash talking fighter, who seems obsessed with decapitating Wladmir Klitschko, by becoming WBA middleweight champion Felix Sturm’s expense.

Former undisputed cruiserweight champion of the world, Haye is confident he will become one of the biggest names in boxing if he adds IBF, IBO and WBF world belts to the WBA strap he took from giant Nikolay Valuev.

But Gallagher believes Haye’s attempt at World domination in Germany next month will be unsuccessful and Macklin will steal the heavyweights thunder in the same country next week.

The gym boss, who hasn’t cornered a defeat in over three years, also revealed his charge is copying Marvin Hagler’s pre fight approach in a bid to claim the strap that once sat around the waist of the aforementioned ring legend.

Mean, moody and magnificent is what the Birmingham born Irish fighter is being instructed to be ahead of his trip to Germany.

“It will be role reversal Haye will get beat and Macklin will win and it will be Macklin’s name on everybody’s lips in a few weeks. This is Matthew Macklin’s moment he will be the star of this summer. We have talked the talk and now he will walk the walk. This Saturday he will take that belt from Sturm. This is Matthews tenth year as a pro and my tenth as a trainer we will cap it with a world title victory,” Gallagher, whose parents hail from Sligo, explained before claiming the key role Marvin Haggler has played in the training camp.

“Marvin Hagler is the buzz word in this camp. I keep reminding him you are fighting for Hagler’s old belt. It is also Sugar Ray Leonard’s old belt and if that doesn’t inspire and motivate you I don’t know what will. We have asked for a Marvin Hagler attitude. Macklin has to be mean, moody, magnificent. We go into the lions den on the night, ambush Sturm and club over the head with a big right.”

Macklin’s latest trainer, Gallagher, stressed the reigning champ has got some favourable decisions in his back yard, but like ’Mack the Knife’ stressed Macklin has his world title destiny in his own gloves.

The Manchester based trainer intimated Sturm can have motivational issues and believes the German will make it easier for Macklin to end his six year reign by over looking the former British champion. 

“We are aware how things go in Germany and you could say Sturm was lucky a few times, but Matthew has destiny is in his own hands. Sturm isn’t a puncher but Matthew can wack. Sturm has been hurt before. Sometimes he stands there and takes shots and if he does Macklin will let loose. We are going out there to bust his lungs and his jaw. He has been poor in a number of fights and doesn’t always perform. Lets hope he takes Matthew too lightly.”

The trainer, who also looks after ‘Irish Lighting’ Dean Byrne, believes the Brian Peters managed fighter’s rise to world level is special.

He believes the former European champion deserves plaudits for his journey from beaten prospect to world title challenger.

“Matthew fought Jamie Moore and was beat. His world was crushed and for him to comeback and rebuild is a massive achievement. He is ranked in all the world governing bodies and managed that without a major boxing promoter behind him, To fight for a world title is a massive resurrection. He came back when everyone thought he was finished.”

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