Barnes hates World Series of Boxing Life!!

PADDY Barnes has been a standout undefeated fighter in this season’s WSB. The Belfast flyweight has been good for the tournament and it has been good for him, providing potential passage to a third successive Olympic Games.

Indeed, the popular Irish sports star is just one victory away from successfully completing the road to Rio.

However, whilst it seems the tournament has also been good to Barnes, the Belfast man isn’t particularly a fan of it.

When speaking to RTE Barnes was pretty clear about his feelings towards the arduous worldwide event, where boxers have to fight every two weeks in every corner of the globe.

“I absolutely hate it,” said Barnes. “You’re travelling all over the world, and every two weeks I’m fighting and every two weeks I’m weighing in.

“It’s so hard. It’s so tough on my body to get the weight down, week in, week out. Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Italy every other week. It’s really, really tough.

“You’re coming home and sometimes you don’t even think your kid knows you. Who’s this strange man in the house?”

Barnes elaborated more on the perils of a boxer’s life and admitted that he is not the best company, to put it mildly, in the days and hours before the weigh-in.

“My natural weight, I walk about at 58 kilos and I have to weigh in every two weeks at 49kg. So I have to watch what I eat and keep the weight  down and train extra hard just to keep down at a suitable weight to stay at striking distance every fortnight.


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