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Ireland’s Polish Champ believes Tommy McCarthy can shock European titleholder

Tommy McCarthy has nothing to fear going to Poland says the Mac Man with inside knowledge.

‘Mac Attack’ has been handed a chance to become a two-time European champion early next month.

To do so the Belfast cruiserweight will have to emerge from the lion’s den unscathed, as he challenges reigning champion Michal Cieslak in Poland for his old belt.

It means fighting one of the stronger European champions in recent times in his backyard.

However, the man in the Polish know, Karol Długosz, claims McCarthy shouldn’t be overly concerned. The Ballymoney-based Polish-born fighter says the trip behind enemy lines isn’t as daunting as it initially appears.

“Once Tommy and his team land in Poland they can expect good hospitality. No nonsense,” he assures when speaking to Irish-boxing.com.

“The event is going to be in a beautiful location, the Nosalowy Dowor Polish mountains area in a 5-star hotel. If anyone on this side is planning to go it’s definitely worth visiting,” he adds before suggesting that in such a high-level fight home advantage doesn’t count.

“At this level, being the away fighter doesn’t mean anything. Nothing new for both men. The bottom line is.. if you are ready! You fight anywhere in the world.”

The fact the reception won’t be too hostile doesn’t mean there isn’t excitement around the title fight.

“When the fight was announced it quickly went all over social media here,” explains the double Ulster champion whose pro career has hit a speed bump.

“It’s a red hot highly competitive fight between two guys who bring a lot of good qualities and are true fighting men. The reaction has been similar in Poland. People there show interest in good quality boxing, so there is definitely excitement out there – and the closer we get to the event I see and hear more about it on social media and boxing channels.”

Knockout Promotions, who won purse bids to promote the fight, will also ensure the mouthwatering clash gets the promotional bells and whistles it deserves.

“The event will be as good as it can be in boxing. Knockout Promotions and the main guy Andrzej Wasilewski are no-nonsense people. They do boxing events of the highest level and standards – and that’s not being kind or sugarcoating. You can see all what they achieved over many many years and I personally think it’s the biggest promotion in Europe. They were a big part of Usyk vs Dubois in Wroclaw.”

In terms of the two-time world title challenger Cieslak, Długosz believes McCarthy could have the skill set to defeat him.

“Michal Cieslak nickname is “Bombardier”. It’s obvious he is a power puncher and can be dangerous but when you face a power puncher and take the power away what’s left? Very little, particularly in this case.

“At the moment people in Poland see Cieslak as a good strong fighter but nowhere near the elite level. Tommy with the best preparation can win and from what I see he improved a lot, is still hungry and understands the importance of this contest.”

Cieslak and his team may not hold Ireland’s first black European Champion in as high regard.

“I think the Polish side are slightly underestimating Tommy.”


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