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Top Boxing Matches of November 2023

The first ever recorded instances of boxing come to us from 3000 BC. Greek historians discuss the sport’s popularity in Egypt and its adoption by Greek city-states. Soon, boxing had become one of Greece’s favorite sports and even earned itself a spot in the Ancient Olympics. However, the history of boxing goes back much further than that, to the beginning of martial arts.

It is impressive that the sport has managed to maintain such a degree of relevance, credibility, and passion in the modern world. Despite the rise of popularity in MMA, boxing remains the most popular fighting sport globally, not just in viewership but also in practice. Boxing gyms from the USA to Asia are full of pros, amateurs, and hopefuls trying to hone their skills and better their style.

That is why it should not come as a surprise that people are revved up for the boxing matches that will take place in November 2023. One of the biggest names in boxing right now, Tyson Fury, will be opening the door for what is looking to be an exciting month in boxing. With the rise of online sports betting, bettors can visit their favorite Cash App online casinos to make wagers on the following matches.

Oct 28 – Tyson Fury vs. Francis Ngannou

In a few short days, boxing fans will be treated to one of the year’s most anticipated matches. Before November even starts, Tyson Fury will take the stage and face off against Francis Zavier Ngannou. The two heavyweight fighters are going head to head in what has been dubbed “The Battle of the Baddest!”

The fight will take place at the Kingdom Arena in Riyadh. However, if you’ve missed your chance at a ticket, it is improbable that you will be able to get your hands on one at this late stage. Then again, stranger things have happened. You will have a much better chance of viewing the fight live if you pay-per-view it on DAZN.

Early projections have Tyson Fury as the odds-on favorite to win the fight. However, Ngannou fans are feverishly backing the dark horse of the match. While the Battle of the Baddest takes place in October, it is an excellent way to Segway into the next month.

Nov 4 – Joe Cordina vs. Edward Vazquez

The first match of November is happening in Monaco on the fourth. Joe Cordina, the current IBF super-featherweight champion, will attempt to protect his title from challenger Edward Vazquez. Vazquez is hungry to prove himself on the stage.

However, Cordina also has a lot to prove. After breaking his arm in 2022, he was stripped of his title and only recently reclaimed it in April. Certainly, he is not ready to part with it just yet. The match looks exciting, so for any IBF fans or just fans of boxing, we recommend not skipping out on this one.

Nov 16 – Shakur Stevenson vs. Edwin De Los Santos

One of the most anticipated fights in November will occur halfway through the month. Edwin De Los Santos will get a shot at the two-weight world champ Shakur Stevenson. While many have been looking forward to a Stevenson vs. Devin Haney fight, that will take a while. Instead, Shakur will get a chance to win back his former title.

The WBC title remains vacant, and both Shakur and De Los Santos have a claim to the throne. On November 16, they are finally settling their dispute. And while Shakur is the favorite to win the match, many are backing Edwin. The odds are not far off, so it might be anyone’s game. This is one match that boxing fans should not miss.

Nov 25 – Chantelle Cameron vs. Katie Taylor

Women’s boxing has been getting quite a bit of traction recently. In large part, we have a growing number of talented female boxers who’ve shown incredible talent and a penchant for showmanship to thank for this. Two such women are Chantelle Cameron and Katie Taylor, who will be facing off in Dublin on November 25.

Ireland’s own Katie Taylor is an undisputed superstar in boxing. She is the current lightweight champion. Many see her as the star of the show. However, Cameron fans disagree. The light-welterweight champion is, according to many, the favorite to win the match. Though the odds are close, most bookies put them at a 50/50 split. Certainly, excitement is high for this one.


Are any exciting matches taking place in November 2023?

Absolutely. November 2023 is shaping up to be a good month for boxing.

Can I bet on boxing matches online?

Of course, you can. Online sportsbooks are now more popular than ever, and boxing is the most popular fighting sport in the world.

Can I use the Cash App to pay for boxing bets?

Yes. There are plenty of sportsbooks that let you use the Cash App to make a bet.

What is the most anticipated match of November 2023?

Different people have different preferences, of course. However, regarding media engagement, Shakur Stevenson’s match against Edwin De Los Santos seems most anticipated.

Who is the favorite in the Chantelle Cameron vs. Katie Taylor Match?

Most people believe that Chantelle Cameron has the better odds to win the fight. However, the odds are very close, and indeed, many bookies have it at a 50/50 split.


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