How to Use Bitcoin to Bet on Boxing

Use Bitcoin to bet on Boxing and enjoy the perks of crypto casinos, such as security, anonymity, privacy, and faster and cheaper transactions. 

Betting on sports like boxing was one of the favorite pastimes that encouraged players to start placing bets on other sports. With the development of advanced and modern technologies, betting on boxing has become more popular for punters in various online casinos, especially crypto casinos. Compared to other popular sports such as soccer, tennis, and basketball, bettors rarely place bets on boxing, but you will find boxing betting options on all the best online crypto casinos. 

Boxing as a sport is a classic form of martial arts. The spectacular sport has a rich history, making betting on boxing all the more enjoyable. However, punters must note that there are various factors to consider while betting on boxing with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Regarding Bitcoin betting, players can enjoy unique advantages over regular boxing betting. 

What is Bitcoin Betting?

Bitcoin betting, it specifically refers to betting on sports like boxing using popular crypto such as Bitcoin. Bitcoin betting takes place on crypto casinos and crypto sportsbooks that accept Bitcoin as a form of payment. Betting sites allow betteros to bet on sports, boxing, entertainment and more. The similarities between crypto casinos and Bitcoin sports betting sites are decentralization, privacy and more security. Whether you’re interested in playing casino games or placing bets on sports, utilizing Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies can enhance your online gambling experience.

Various Bitcoin Boxing Bet Types

Before placing a Bitcoin bet on boxing, it is essential to learn about the various Bitcoin boxing bet types to better understand the rules and how to increase winning chances. 

There are mainly 4 bet types that players can place using Bitcoin on boxing matches:- 

Betting on Outcome: Wagering on the outcome of a boxing game is the most popular bet type. Here players have three options to bet on – a draw or the victory of either of the players. In Bitcoin boxing betting, wagering on interest is a rare scenario, so the odds become typically high. If a player bets on a draw, he can cash out big. Most bettors bet on their favorite athletes, and in most of the fights, one athlete is always assumed to have a higher chance of winning than the other. Hence, bettors often move in this direction to increase their chances of winning. 

Victory Method: In this type of Bitcoin boxing bet, players must choose whether an athlete will win the boxing match on points or by stoppage. If a player bets on winning by stoppage, he predicts the athlete will win the fight by knocking down his opponent. Typically this happens when a boxer punches his opponent and renders them unable to proceed with the match. Conversely, a bettor can bet on his favorite fighter to earn on-points. In such a scenario, the bettor is expected to win the fight depending on the judges’ scorecard. The judges determine the winner if the match goes through the entire scheduled rounds without any knockouts. The judges evaluate the fighters’ performance and assign points for every round. The fighter with the highest scores wins the match. 

Total Rounds: There are 12 rounds in a professional boxing match, and the best online crypto casinos allow players to predict the game’s outcome before or after a certain number of rounds. This is an excellent bet type for boxing if the players seek value. It is essential to review the existing market rules on every crypto casino or Bitcoin betting site, guess the number of rounds a boxing match will last, and accordingly place an appropriate wager. 

Proposition Bets: These are also known as prop bets, available in different shapes and sizes. Depending on the options provided by the Bitcoin betting site, the type of prop bets may vary significantly. 

Prop bets are typically placed on:- 

  • The color of the fighter’s robes
  • The fighter who throws the first punch 
  • Winning styles 
  • The fighter who comes to the ring during the walkout 
  • The length of the gloves of the fighter
  • and more

Best Platforms for Betting


Stake is the best crypto casino and Bitcoin betting site offering 42 different sports, over 3000 online casino games, and 4 languages. This online boxing betting platform has earned an excellent reputation as a leading crypto sportsbook with its available bonuses and promotions, and support for multiple cryptocurrencies.


CloudBet is another Bitcoin boxing betting company offering over 2000 online casino games, 54 sports betting options, and around 17 support languages. Players can get everything they need on CloudBet crypto casino, starting from generous welcome bonuses, a VIP program, and the most attractive user interface to embrace the thrill of live gambling and betting actions. 


With more than 68 sports, 7000 online casino games, and over 100 supported cryptocurrencies, BC. Game is our third-best online crypto casino that offers Bitcoin betting on boxing. Players can get a welcome bonus of a whopping $20,000 just by signing up and making a deposit on the platform. 


FairSpin is an excellent Bitcoin boxing betting site that offers over 2000 online casino games and 27 sports betting options, ranging from handball, basketball, Valorant, boxing, hockey, table tennis, and volleyball. More than 10 supported cryptocurrencies and a wide range of generous bonuses, promotions, and tournaments are regularly offered to registered FairSpin players.


Bitcoin betting on boxing is both profitable and comfortable, depending on the reliability of the chosen bookmaker. Several websites are available on the market; some are shady, while others are trustworthy and licensed. Players must choose the best online crypto casinos and Bitcoin betting sites that offer a secure betting environment, provably fair outcomes, various betting options and leagues, and many bonuses to enjoy betting on boxing using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.


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