Groves v Eubank II – Victor Rabei promises to outbox Mark Morris

Victor Rabei [3(0)-0] claims he will be the George Groves to Mark Morris‘s Chris Eubank Jr at the National Stadium this Saturday.

The Moldovan-Dub takes a step up and goes into an interesting all-Irish lightweight clash in just his fourth pro fight.

Furthermore, he takes on a super fit, always game, and big punching fighter from Belfast on the mega-money Ireland’s Last Man Standing card.

The Steven O’Rourke-trained boxer is well aware Morris [3(1)-1(1)] is a massive upgrade on the decent journeymen he has fought to date but is confident he has the skill set to see him through.

“It’s big for him – not so big for me… nah I am joking,” Rabei laughed before talking business.

“It’s a step up for me. I heard a bit about him. I know he is fit and he bangs, but just like Eubank and Groves, a good boxer will always beat a good fighter.”

“I have looked at him, the few fights that are up of him on the internet. One where he stops his man in a messy fight so I didn’t get a lot out of it.”

“I don’t want to say I am not aware of what he can do, but I am just focused and confident in what I have done so far. I am really looking forward to it TV was obviously a big bonus. I have had a great camp, I am sharp, I am fit and I am just focused on the fight. ”

“I originally wanted to fight Sam Jones, but he is under the Assassin stable and obviously I signed for them so that wasn’t possible, but as soon at they offered Morris I said ‘yes’. I needed a step up.”

The Assassin’s fighter was calling out the likes of Sean Creagh before he even threw a punch in the pro game. The 24-year-old has always been vocal about wanting to push on and wanting to experience the excitement of the domestic wish.

Well, Rabei, who was called out by Martin Quinn during the Last Man Standing undercard press conference, has been handed the chance to sample everything a derby brings as well progress his career forward this weekend and couldn’t be happier.

“There is a whole different buzz. Taking nothing away from journeymen, I don’t want to say you’re not as engaged, but you take a step back in comparison to when you have a good step up, you are more focused in training and you push a little harder.”

“Everything falls into place. Your sparring is a bit better because you have certain things to work on.”

“I have watched his fights with Steven and we have a few things planned.”

If the bout would have been scheduled for six it would have seen the prospect make significant strides forward in terms of title contention, but the chance to get some air time on TG4 meant that Team Rabei were happy to do four.

“It’s a four rounder. I would have loved it over six, but the management team spoke and suggest four was the best option in terms of TV. Jay Byrne and Craig O’Brien is the only fight outside Last Man Standing to be guaranteed TV, so at four rounds I have a better chance of getting TV.”

“Last Man Standing stoppages would help too. I have spoken to Roy Sheehan and told him I need him to knock a few people out,” Rabei, who also told the press conference he was the best prospect at the weight in Ireland, added before outlining a BUI Celtic title goal.

“After this, the four rounders are done. I would like tough fights and I want the Celtic title fight against whoever is there. I make 64kg too easy but I am willing to stay there to get a good fight for the Celtic title and then go from there.”

Photo Credit: Ricardo Guglielminotti – The Fighting Irish (@ThefIrish)




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