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Flight or no Fight – Darragh Foley sends Queensberry Pierce O’Leary Ultimantuim

Forget fight or flight Darragh Foley has told Queensberry it’s flight or no fight.

The Australian-based Blanch native is scheduled to fight Pierce O’Leary in an eagerly anticipated Dublin derby on the Belfast Brawl card in Belfast on June 28.

However, ‘Super’ says the fight won’t go ahead unless he gets flight tickets sorted soon.

The ever-entertaining southpaw has become upset with the manner in which Queensberry have approached his travel arrangements in particular.

Foley wants to get to Dublin by early this week and says if he is not on a plane by Monday he won’t fight.

In fact, he has issued Frank Warren an ultimatum.

“They’ve 24hrs to stop f**king around and get me from Down Under on a flight back to the Emerald Isle for a fight,” he said.

Foley and build-up antics generally go hand in hand but he is adamant this isn’t a pre fight game. The 35-year-old says he is deadly serious about pulling out. The southpaw understands Queensberry could be trying to unsettle him in a bid to give their man the advantage but warns thats a dangerous game to play.

“I get it but they don’t understand ill just walk away, I’m no one’s b*tch they should know that by now, and if not they are about to find out.”

If the fight was to fall through it would leave a lot of fight fans very disappointed, although none would be more upset than Foley’s opponent O’Leary.

‘Big Bang’ has been very open about how he is more excited for this fight than any other and has tapped into the fan frenzy around the match-up.

The exciting prospect sees Foley has his ticket to stronger spotlight. The Sherrif Street power puncher believes the teak tough battler provides him with a chance to make a big statement and progress his career to the next level.

Foley argues the 23-year-old has bitten off more than he can chew by agreeing to fight but claims he won’t even get a nibble unless flights are sorted soon.


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