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Fired Up Kate Radomska ready to upset European Champion

Chloe Watson will be busy licking her wounds if she views Kate Radomska as a keep-busy opponent warns the Waterford-Pole.

Radomska agreed to fight the Brit at 10 days’ notice and trades leather with the reigning European Flyweight Champion in Toughsheet Community Stadium on Friday.

The six-round bout is being billed as a tick-over bout for the title holder, although Radomska warns she is coming to knock over the titlist live on Channel 5.

“Why would you accept the fight and not be confident in yourself that you win? Absolutely no point. I accept the challenge and face it head-on. I have nothing to lose but everything to gain,” she tells Irish-boxing.com.

Watson’s Blue strap won’t be on the line on Friday but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot on the line for the Robbie Flynn-mentored battler.

Radomska believes she could put herself into continental title contention if she gets her hand raised after the six-round affair.

“Unfortunately, there’s no European Title on the line but winning this fight puts me into European contention and guarantees a fight for the belt. Chloe is in my way to do it, she’s an obstacle I have to remove on Friday night.”

The clash may seem a bit of a risk for the 34-year-old, although she certainly doesn’t see it that way.

Radomska isn’t one for building records, she wants the test herself and is more than happy to keep stepping up and rolling the dice.

“I’m coming from a MuayThai background where no one dodges anyone,” she explains. “That same mentality applies to boxing from my end. Sooner or later our paths would have crossed as there’s not many of us in between minimum and flyweight. I didn’t think twice and accepted the fight 10 days out. Boxing is my life I’m always ready to fight physically and mentally.”

After a fourth career win in Galway last time out, Radomska called for a historic first all-Irish BUI Celtic female title fight with Cara McLaughlin but claims her calls have fallen on deaf ears.

“It seems like Cara didn’t want to make history as there was no response from her end. It takes two to tango. Unfortunately, I can’t do it on my own. Hopefully she’ll change her mind.”


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