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“Dublin is crying out for it” – Geraghty questions Carroll’s rematch desire

Dublin is demanding a domestic repeat claims one half of the Jono Carroll versus Declan Geraghty rivalry.

Geraghty, who pulled out of their proposed rematch due to injury, claims that ever since the fight on the ‘Frampton Reborn’ bill in November was cancelled, all anyone wants to discuss with him is his fellow MTK super featherweight.

Such is the demand for a return that ‘Pretty Boy’, who lost the pair’s first encounter back in 2014, feels comfortable enough to bill Geraghty v Carroll as the highest profile all-Irish clash that can be made at the present time.

Following the same line of thinking, the fighter who is trained by his father Declan Geraghty Snr believes a rematch is now inevitable.

The two-time National Elite Champion claims he is willing to give the fans what they want – but expressed concerns as to Carroll’s willingness to take the fight.

Katie Taylor makes her homecoming on April 14th and the bout has been mooted for a prominent spot on the 3Arena undercard. Geraghty admits nothing has been talked about as of yet, but stressed that he is extremely keen for the fight.

“I don’t know anything about the fight being made or anything like that yet. All I can tell you is Dublin is crying out big time for this fight. That is all I hear anywhere I go it is all people want to talk about,” Geraghty told Irish-Boxing.com while he took in the Ireland’s Last Man Standing press conference yesterday in Dublin.

“I’m game and I want it. Is he game? You will have to ask him. I have heard some stories saying he is, but then I have heard whispers he doesn’t want the fight. All I can say is I said yes and I hope to God it happens this year,” continued the inner-city switch hitter before suggesting the fight is now big enough to provide chief support to any TV Irish show.

“I believe it has to happen. When I say everyone is asking me about it, it’s all I hear on social media or on the street. I think it’s the domestic fight the Irish public want to see most. There is talk of Keeler and Cummings and that is another massive fight for any major undercard, they could top a show in the National Stadium no problem, but out of those two I think me versus Jono is the one the people are crying out for.”

Carroll [15(2)-0] will understandably respond to questions regarding his desire to trade leather with Geraghty [15(4)-2(1)] again by highlighting how he was in Belfast ready to fight on November 18th while is nemesis wasn’t.

The entertaining southpaw isn’t one to turn down a challenge, but even Geraghty knows the fighter he seeks revenge over has good reason to look elsewhere for a 2018 foe.

‘King Kong’s’ IBF Inter-Continental strap means he could target further ranking titles or fighters that could propel him toward a major title shot, while Geraghty only brings score settling to the table.

However, Geraghty feels pride and even fan pressure will ensure his rival will agree to renew acquaintances.

“He has that title and maybe a good ranking, I get that, but at the end of the day he will have to take it. I think he will want to take it too,” he added before questioning the performances that have seen the Danny Vaughan-trained fighter gain huge prominence in last year.

“He hasn’t fought anyone. Well he fought Quigley, but Quigley was two years out and it was his first fight back. Now that is madness. The last fight everyone was raving about how great he was, but he was a blown up featherweight that had lost to journeymen. I said it before the fight, Jono isn’t the biggest and this lad is smaller than him. That goes to show you.

“A blind person would have seen the mistakes Jono made that night too. He did his job and got the lad out of there, but I’d have done the same without taking half the punches he took.”

Whilst most knew the by now infamous Irish rivalry was fueled by a genuine dislike for each other the fall-out after the falling through of their rematch proved their was bad blood to bloodbath extremes between the Dubs.

A nasty back and forth played out via various media platforms. However, Geraghty claims he isn’t paying heed this time around.

“I took it all with a pinch of salt. Anyone can have an opinion on me and it doesn’t bother me. I only care about my family and my close personal friends have to say. I had to pull out, I didn’t want to I had to. My father pulled me out. I could spar once every two weeks and he said I couldn’t prepare for a big fight like that.”

“I am still young, but my father was saying there is an element of if you lose to Jono what do you do next. I really can’t afford to lose with the ambitions I have for this year and beyond.”

“I am not concentrating on Jono now. I said I will have the fight and at the end of the day it’s down to our team. I wish all athletes the best because it’s a hard way to making a living especially boxing, so I wish him the best,” he continued before suggesting he might be out as soon as February.

“I hope to have a little fight soon and after that it’s up to the team, but I want Jono and I want Tennyson too. I want anyone above me in the rankings. I believe, if I string a good few wins together, I get Tennyson again – but I have to say Tennyson is a nice fella there is no bad blood there.”



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