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Buckle Up – Jamie Conlan outlines Pierce O’Leary plans

Jamie Conlan has told Pierce O’Leary fans to fasten their seat belts because the roll coaster ride is about to begin.

The Dubliner has employed the former world title challenger and his brother Michael Conlan as his new management team – and the older of the boxing-steeped siblings believes he joins Conlan Boxing at a very exciting time in his career.

The former Commonwealth title holder believes things are just about to get big for ‘Big Bang’ and suggests he is about to make the progression to a genuine contender over the next couple of fights.

Conlan says the Sheriff Street fighter is all set to enter the stage, where every fight really means something and, starting with Darragh Foley in Belfast later this month, O’Leary is about to go on a testing journey to world level over the next year.

“It’s a massive roller coaster ride he’s about to start on because he is at this stage where he about to headline and he’ll feel the pressure of being the main man. It’s at a crucial stage of his career where we are coming in and managing him,” Conlan, who it seems is the kind of person who sits at the front of rollercoasters with his hands aloft, tells Irish-boxing.com.

“I think this is the most exciting part of the career. It’s when the big fights are around the corner and he has to start ticking all the boxes, fighting all the different type of styles, going through the ups and downs.”

It does appear to be next stage of the Queensberry fighter’s career. It’s a progressive move Conlan is confident the new signing is ready for. In fact, he claims the Inner City Dub has no choice but to be prepared.

“He is more than ready. He has to be ready. Once you go to the next level it’s hard to come back, every fight gets tougher and tougher but like I said he is ready for those big big nights.”

The Conlan Boxing boss man also points out that the signing of O’Leary is an exciting one from a Conlan Boxing point of view.

‘The Mexican’ argues he now has the two most exciting prospects in Irish boxing in his stable.

“It was a major coup for us to connect with him and be part of his journey. I think now on the roster we have the two most exciting and promising talents in Irish boxing in Pierce O’Leary and Lewis Crocker. Both of them are in the position to move onto the next level and become headline acts in their own cities.”


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