5 Health And Fitness Benefits Of Boxing for Teens

Boxing is among those distinct fitness trends that are almost always in the fringe-never entirely fading behind the scenes, but never really capturing the globe by storm. In essence, boxing in sports aspects mandates high athletic prowess levels: agility, strength, speed, endurance, distinct eye-hand coordination, power, and nerve to name but a few essential attributes. As a fitness activity, though, boxing allows the average individual to sharpen those same skill sets, surprisingly without having to throw a punch.

If you are a teenager looking to get in good shape and subsequently improve your overall health, it is advisable to compare boxing gyms before making a decision on which local facility to visit and sign up for membership. This will ensure that you find the best option for realizing the many fitness and health benefits of boxing, such as improved coordination, cardiovascular health, stress relief, and more. Here are five fitness and health benefits of boxing for teens

1. Improved Cardiovascular Health

As so frequently reiterated, you must do cardio to burn calories, safeguard yourself from getting heart disease, as well as maintain or lose weight. Nonetheless, ‘doing cardio’ doesn’t necessarily mean hopping on treadmills to achieve your mandatory minutes.

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Essentially, the primary objective of cardio is placing a sensible amount of stress on both your lungs and heart to challenge them enough to subsequently make useful physiological adaptations purposed to support the relatively higher physical activity level. Nevertheless, the choice is up to you on how you place stress on your lungs and heart. 

Provided you maintain your heart rate up while working out, there is absolutely no reason you cannot kick, punch, or even jump your way towards a healthy heart while down at your boxing gym. 


2. Enhanced Body Strength

Interestingly, all the punching, jumping, and kicking necessitate an astounding amount of strength.  Just think of it-don’t most of the professional heavy boxing bags weigh around 100 pounds?

While you are in a typical boxing workout, you might kick or punch a bag multiple times, needing your lower body, upper body, as well as core to participate while you make contact with the punching bag. 

Moreover, most boxing facilities incorporate other numerous moves on strength training into their workouts.  This can usually include push-ups, squats, or even plank exercises within the workout. 

3. Superior Hand-Eye Coordination

While you may not necessarily view hand-eye coordination as an essential factor in your overall health, it is, however, a vital part of your total fine and gross motor skills.  Persons with excellent hand-eye coordination usually boast faster reaction times and reflexes in addition to having better overall physical coordination. 

Undeniably, boxing can assist you in honing your hand-eye coordination. How? When you paired up with a partner (to practice the padded mitts of your partner) or you are tasked with punching speed bags, you need to see your target effectively. Also, you need to react to it subsequently, and eventually hit it, all as the target is changing position and moving. While it is challenging, with practice though, you effectively improve your hand-eye coordination.  

4. Decreased Stress

As a teenager, various factors can cause you to get stressed.  Whether it is your grades, your family, or even your assignments, stress is inevitable. However, there are various ways you can reduce your stress levels. As a first, when it comes to your schoolwork and assignments, technology has made it that you can now pay someone to do assignments for you by searching for professional online assignment writing services. 

Alternatively, virtually any form of physical activity (moderate to intense) can effectively reduce stress levels. How? Mayo Clinic outlines that exercising boosts mood, increases endorphins, improves sleep, and is a unique meditation form, with all these helping in reducing stress. 

One of the prominent benefits of boxing is reducing stress levels, and here is how: 

  • As a first, while in your boxing session, you ideally transition between moderate-intensity periods of recovery and high-intensity exercise bouts. As you push yourself through several high-intensity kicking or punching minutes, you don’t usually have that much mental power in your tank to agonize about how dirty your home is or how terrible your job is.
  • Secondly, when you are taking your stress out on the punching bag, there is a significant cathartic release. 

5. Enhanced Body Composition

If you want to lose weight, ultimately, the critical thing that you want to do is enhance your body composition. This is to decrease your body fat mass and increase your overall muscle mass.

Fortunately, boxing is a fantastic mechanism to help improve your body composition since it ideally combines muscle-building training exercises and calorie-burning moves courtesy of the intense cardio. 

If you regularly participate in an exclusive boxing program and adhere to a nutritious dietary plan, you will eventually notice significant changes in your overall shape as well as an improvement in your overall percentage of fat mass-and, of course, your weight too.


Boxing is undoubtedly among the most concise and efficient ways to not only get back into shape but also maintain your overall physical health. If you are looking to enrol in boxing sessions, start by taking several boxing classes at your local gym and engage in a series of useful exercises and reap the multiple fitness and health benefits that come with boxing for teens. 

Good Luck!


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