Booth believes Ryan Burnett has only shown 50% of his potential

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Eddie Hearn all but called for more excitement from Ryan Burnett after he outpointed awkward Mexican Cesar Ramirez in Leeds on the same night former sparring partner Carl Frampton was becoming a two weight World champion.

The Belfast fighter most believe has the ability to follow in ‘The Jackal’s’ World title winning footsteps pushed his record to 14(9)-0 and successfully took step one of a three step journey to a World title fight. His promoter was quick to point out he felt Burnett had the talent to go all the way, but did indicate he would have liked to see a knockout on a card that saw Patrick Hyland defeated by Josh Warrington.

However, Burnett’s respected coach Adam Booth saw the bout that bit differently. Andy Lee’s coach was more than happy with the young British bantamweights display and felt another 10 rounds in the bank will paid dividends when he does indeed challenge for World honours – which by all accounts could be in Belfast next Spring.

“It was a good. solid and professional performance against a tough and awkward Mexican. I was pleased with his display.”

“He was able to use lots of stuff we have been working on in the gym and it is another ten rounds in the bank. These rounds will do him good when he gets up the higher levels.”

Booth, like Hearn, is a Burnett fan and suggests we have up to this point only seen half of his capabilities.

“He is developing really well as a fighter. He has plenty of weapons and the higher the opponent he faces – and when they start to let their hands go – he will start to land more of his shots.”

“We haven’t seen 50 percent of the potential that he has. It is not his performances that are getting better, it is his understanding of all the small things that happen and how to deal with them.”


Integral part of the Irish boxing community for over 13 years