Victorious Victor Rabei impresses experienced journeyman with polished performance

“Well done kid, that was fucking awesome! I’ve a dead arm now!”

Experienced journeyman Michael Mooney was suitably impressed last weekend when he fought Victor Rabei in Dublin.

Following their four rounder on the Red Corner Promotions ‘Champions Elect’ card, the English away fighter made a point of visiting Rabei’s dressing room to congratulate the young light welter.

Mooney was not expecting such a polished performance from the novice pro, who coasted through the four rounds to claim his second pro points win.

Rabei appreciated the kind words, and told afterwards that “I was having a few words with Michael afterwards and he was saying that ‘I wanted to do a little bit more with you, but I was scared of that right uppercut.’ The uppercut was something that Steve and I worked on but, once you catch someone with a clean shot, they’re going to be more aware of it the next time.”

“He held back a little bit more, I wanted him to go forward, to give me a few more opportunities, but listen, we’ll take it one fight at a time.”

Analysing his own performance, The Chisinau Cyclone described how “I think I was I like bit more relaxed going into it compared to the previous fight. I was moving around a little bit more, thinking a little bit more. Silly saying this after the fight, but I wanted to be a bit more busy.”

“I felt like there were opportunities for a stoppage, I hit him with a few bodyshots and then my uppercuts, a few of them landed. I felt in control of the whole fight, I just could have done a bit more – other than that, I’m quite happy, I got my second fight out of the way.”

Photo Credit: Ricardo Guglielminotti – The Fighting Irish (@ThefIrish)

Joe O'Neill

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