Walsh: I will watch videos of Ali and Floyd not Maughan before Irish title fight

DEE Walsh’s videos analysis consists of watching all time greats not upcoming opponents.

The Irish title hopeful prefers to study his favourite fighters instead of coming opponents believing its better to try and emulate greatness rather than find weakness in his upcoming foes.

So going into his Irish title fight with Terry Maughan on November 22 he will watch Sugar Ray Robinson, Floyd Mayweather and co’s show reels rather than watching  the fighter who he trades leather with for the vacant light middleweight Irish title.

“I don’t know anything of him,” Walsh told Irish-boxing.com.”I prefer to watch the best fighters like Ali, Roy Jones, Floyd Mayweather, Willie Pep and Sugar Ray Robinson. I get more for that than watch my opponent. The one thing I learned from them is they go into every fight with the same gameplan. They stick to there guns and let the opponent try work them out. So I just work on perfecting myself.”

Whilst he might not do much opponent homework the Belfast fighter claims he still does the hard and ground work in the gym.

“My training camp has been really hard, with the sparring, circuits and so on. I always make sure I get the roadwork done, I never mess about with training.”

 Walsh hasn’t just been in the ring sparring in preparation for the biggest fight of his career to date. Last week he took a fight at a days notice and explains why,

“I was going for my check weigh in last Saturday morning and I overheard my manager Mark Dunlop talking to someone about Dee Taggarts fight being called off, I’ve had two first round knock outs and a four rounder since coming back, my weight was low, I had spared the Monday and Tuesday, so I was ready to go and said I’ll take it!!

“Although it was a quick workout, it’s gets me into a routine of fighting all the time. It helps you in terms of getting used to what time to sleep during fight day, what time to eat before the fight, how to control nerves. It is really about  perfecting everything so I’m at my absolute best for the title fight.

“It was a good work out and good to get rounds in. I’ve only boxed a few rounds since I’ve got back! You can spar all the rounds you want, but it’s completely different when there’s so many people with there eyes on you,.”


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