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Two Champions Crowned after action-packed Senior opening weekend

Two National Senior Champions have already been crowned after the tournament’s action-packed opening weekend.

Reigning Youth Champion and World Youth bronze and European Youth silver medalist, Laura Moran claimed a first adult title claiming 70kg honuors.

The St Annes fighter outpointed Jenny O’Neill of Unit 3. Amber Byrne also claimed a title fighting down the scales at 50kg. The Arklow fighter defeated World Kickboxing champion Catherine O’Grady to win national honours.

The weekend results in full are as follows:

Sunday October 8

57kg   Donagh Keary (Rathfriland)  5/0   Leon Davis (Bracken)

57kg   Matthew Boreland (Churchlands GG)  RED WIN RSC2 Darragh Lee (Midleton)

63.5kg Jamie Griffin (St Christophers)     0/5        Charles McDonagh (St John Bosco)

63.5kg Derek Murray (Muskerry)  BLUE WIN RSC3 Conor McCrory (Townland)       

63.5kg Darren O’Connor (Olympic C)       5/0        Alex McAleer (Ballyshannon)

63.5kg Kuba Pielesz (Midleton) W/O

67kg   Richard Phiri (Celtic Eagles)  0/5    Cahir Gormley (Illies GG)

67kg   Davie O’Neill (Charleville) 5/0 Michael O’Domhnaill (Conamara) 

67kg   Dylan Little (Holy Family L)  4/1     Cahan Hallinan (Olympic C)

67kg   Aaron Walsh (Bracken)  0/5 Aodhan Byrne (Kilcullen)        

75kg   Lorenzo Mihai (Crumlin)  0/5   Richard O’Leary (Mulhuddart)

75kg   Cathal McLaughlin (Raphoe)  4/1  Peter Convery (St Johns Derry)

75kg   George Goff (Togher)  0/5 TJ King (Ballyboughal)

75kg   Lex Weston (Emerald) W/O

80kg   Shane Carter (DCU Athletic)  0/5   Roman David (Santry)   

80kg   Fernandez Badejo (Maynooth) BLUE WIN KO3  James Whelan (Docklands)

80kg   Conor McKernan (Castleblaney)   5/0 Danny McHugh (Two Castles)

80kg   Vitali Ustymov (Celtic Eagles)  5/0 Kevin Osifo (Neilstown)

92kg   Eamon Gilligan (Docklands)  5/0   Pauric Doyle (Enniscorthy)

92kg   David Nevin (Holy Family L)  5/0   Destiny Odedengbe (Rudiarius)

92kg   Patrick Ward (St Munchins)  5/0   Robbie Olusola (Celtic Eagles)

92kg   Michael O’Regan (The Hub)  0/5   Eamon Tighe (Ballinacarrow)


54kg   Sophie Attalah (OLOL) 3/2 Shakira Donoghue (Setanta)

60kg   Ciara Craig (Glengormley) BLUE WIN RSC1 Josefien Betist (St Brigids  Edenderry)

66kg   Linda Desmond (Rylane)  RED WIN RSC2 Molly Rowley (Swinford)


F50kg Catherine O’Grady (Carrickmacross)  0/5 Amber Byrne (Arklow)

Saturday October 7

60kg   Craig Morgan (Neilstown) W/O

60kg   John Gilligan (Ballinacarrow)  W/O

60kg   Nathan May (Docklands) 5/0 Joseph O’Brien (Togher)

60kg   Kian Duff (Bracken)  0/5   Eoghan Walsh (Togher)

63.5kg Jacob Marrer (Monktown D)  2/3 Jamie Griffin (St Christophers)

63.5kg Charles McDonagh (St John Bosco)  W/O

63.5kg Calvin Murray (Crumlin) 1/4 Derek Murray (Muskerry)

63.5kg Conor McCrory (Townland) W/O

63.5kg Cody O’Reilly (Portlaoise)  0/5 Darren O’Connor (Olympic C)

63.5kg Alex McAleer (Ballyshannon) RED WIN RSC1 Daniel Diaz (Rush)

63.5kg Karl O’Connor (Edenmore)  0/5   Josh Tunama (Docklands)

63.5kg Derek Kerr (Evolution)  0/5 Kuba Pielesz (Midleton)

67kg   Richard Phiri (Celtic Eagles) W/O

67kg   Christopher McCabe (Santry)  BLUE WIN RCS3 Cahir Gormley (Illies GG)

67kg   Davie O’Neill (Charleville) 5/0 Gianni Richmond (Cairn Lodge)

67kg   Michael O’Domhnaill (Conamara) W/O

67kg   Dylan Little (Holy Family L) W/O

67kg   Sean Brennan (Muskerry) 0/5       Cahan Hallinan (Olympic C)

67kg   Aaron Walsh (Bracken)     RED WIN RSC1  Shokor Mirzai (Rudiarius)

67kg   Aodhan Byrne (Kilcullen)  W/O

71kg   Eoin O’Neill (Kilcullen) 0/5 Ben Teeling (Holy Family L)

71kg   Gavin Bradshaw (Drimnagh) RED WIN KO1 David Prior (Celtic Eagles)

71kg   Ben McHugh (Monivea/Defence F)  5/0     Cian Devlin (Spartan)    

71kg   Darran Shanahan (Muskerry)  3/2  Laurence Ward (Monivea)        

75kg   Ola Wahab (Midleton)  2/3 Cathal McLaughlin (Raphoe)

75kg   Peter Convery (St Johns Derry) 4/1 Colin Whitla (Crumlin)

75kg   George Goff (Togher)  RED WIN RSC1        Barry Monaghan (Celtic Eagles)

75kg   TJ King (Ballyboughal)  5/0 Dylan Murphy (Portlaoise)

75kg   Barry Nolan (Crumlin) W/O

75kg   Lex Weston (Emerald) W/O

FINAL 70kg Jenny O’Neill (Unit 3) 1/4      Laura Moran (St Annes)

80kg   Shane Carter (DCU Athletic) W/O

80kg   Roman David (Santry) W/O

80kg   Fernandez Badejo (Maynooth)  W/O

80kg   James Whelan (Docklands) W/O

80kg   Rory Kinney (Scorpion) 0/5 Conor McKernan (Castleblaney)

80kg   Danny McHugh (Two Castles)  4/1 Peter Clarke (Errigal)

80kg   John Bosco Ezidinma (St Marys D) BLUE WIN RSC1 Vitali Ustymov (Celtic Eagles)

80kg   Kevin Osifo (Neilstown)    RED WIN RSC2  Alexander McCormick (Cabra)

86kg   Vadim Ustymov (St Francis)  W/O

86kg   Eamon Maughan (Cavan) 0/5 Rasheed Momoh (Castlebar)

86kg   James Redmond (Ballybrack) 4/1  Sean Trant (Monkstown D)

86kg   Owen Corrigan (Monkstown D)     1/3        Shane Cunningham (Golden Gloves)

Friday October 6


60kg   Nathan May (Docklands)  5/0 Alex Whyte (Midleton)

60kg   Conor Murphy (Olympic C)  BLUE WIN RSC3 Joseph O’Brien (Togher)

60kg   Kian Duff (Bracken)  W/O

60kg   Andres Clemenger (Smithfield)  2/3 Eoghan Walsh (Togher)

63.5kg Derek Kerr (Evolution)  W/O

63.5kg Adam Taffe (Monkstown D)  1/4  Kuba Pielesz (Midleton)

71kg   Eoin O’Neill (Kilcullen)  W/O

71kg   Ben Teeling (Holy Family L)  W/O

71kg   Shane O’Neill (Esker)  BLUE WIN AB3 Gavin Bradshaw (Drimnagh)

71kg   David Prior (Celtic Eagles) W/O

71kg   Ben McHugh (Monivea/Defence F)  5/0 Liam Brennan (Sacred Heart L)

71kg   Cian Devlin (Spartan) W/O

71kg   Darran Shanahan (Muskerry)  W/O

71kg   Laurence Ward (Monivea)  W/O

86kg   Owen Corrigan (Monkstown D) W/O

86kg   Shane Cunningham (Golden Gloves)  3/2  Nathan Ojo (Esker)

Remaining finals and semi-finals will be boxed on October 20th and 21st, and programmes of boxing will be published shortly.


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