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Trilogy? Morrissey wants to put Cronin Rivalry to Bed

‘Let’s do it again’ – that’s Jamie Morrissey’s surprise message to Kevin Cronin.

The Limerick side of what has now become a legendary domestic rivalry wants to make it back to back to back title fights with the Kerry fighter.

The pair started in Galway last night where they left off in Belfast last February, going at it for 10 highly entertaining rounds on a Kieran Molloy topped Conlan Boxing card.

The enthralling fight, which saw Morrissey start strong and had Cronin finish stronger, was scored a 95-95, 96-94, 95-96 DRAW. meaning the Treaty County man is still ahead in terms of the rivalry.

With that in mind and the fact ‘The Kingdom Warrior’ was the more disgruntled when a draw was confirmed Cronin was the one expected to make rematch calls.

However, Morrissey is the one more vocal about running it back. The 27-year-old would be forgiven for wanting to sit on the rubber match but he is instant return keen. After their first Fight of the Year contender Morrissey offered the rematch, stating Cronin was deserving of a run it back opportunity, on this occasion he seems to have more selfish reasons for doing it again.

The Shaun Kelly trained fighter doesn’t think he lost the fight but does seem upset he let a chance to win clear and without any controversary slip and the fact people may have linger doubts with regard to the result isn’t quite sitting with him at present.

The fighter with a truly unique and fresh approach to the sport also wasn’t afraid to sympathise with his foe, noting finishing on top can prompt feelings of victory.

Speaking online Morrissey said:

“Scored a draw last night . I can understand what has my opponent upset when you take into account the way we both finished . If you look at my last 3 boxing fights and my Thai career I know I’ve issues with my tank I can assure you this isn’t for a lack of hard work , nonetheless it’s in my control to rectify and improve it .

“With that said two judges didn’t have me losing , despite finishing as poor as I did . The first fight I felt I won . Respect to Kevin for the wars we have put on , him and his people are good respectful people , but ye are not above a rematch . The way I see it is at worst it’s 1-1 . I’ve come into this game and played a part in changing the domestic scene . It’s been anyone any time anywhere , I’ve played a part in rekindling the domestic scene while grabbing two titles and a fight of the year with Burke in the process . I deserve the rematch .

“Thank you for the wars , respect to Kevin , but this and I deserve a trilogy . I could’ve chilled after winning the second Celtic title and done my own thing but I jumped straight back into camp for your rematch . Let’s do it again now.

“I’m sure there’s plenty of promoters that would entertain that and ye are not above it . There’s still a nice green strap up for grabs .

“Thank you to all that travelled and wished me well , will get back to everyone shortly . Wanted the ground to swallow me up yesterday , but God uses all things for good and I’m happy to be involved in another classic fight . I’m good to go whenever ye want to go again and put this to bed properly . In truth I left a big opportunity slip yesterday , didn’t show up to the best boxing opportunity of my life . But I’m resilient and I will come again like I’ve always done until I’m where I need to be “.


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