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Boxing vs Horse Racing: Key Differences in Betting Markets

There are few more popular sports for bettors in the United Kingdom and Ireland than boxing and horse racing. Unlike other sports, there is often no controversy when it comes to the final outcome, with one winner. 

However, there are a number of key differences when betting on the sports, which isn’t a massive surprise given that there are just two potential winners when wagering on boxing and potentially 20 potential winners when betting on horse racing. But, what are some of the key differences in the betting markets when it comes to placing wagers on the two sports?

Win Betting

Before going into the differences between the two sports, we can focus on the most similar betting market available in both sports. That comes in the form of win betting. This is the most popular selection among the vast majority of bettors, as they will simply need to find the winning selection from the competitors involved. 

For boxing, this will be a selection between the two fighters involved, while in horse racing, all potential runners in the field will be available in the market. But, in order to get returns, you need to find the selection that will be the winner at the event’s conclusion.

Round Betting

One of the biggest differences in the betting markets available is the fact that bettors can wager on the potential round that the boxing match will be ended. Round betting enables bets to be placed on the fighter and the round in which the contest will be settled. 

This betting market isn’t available to those placing wagers on horse racing, as the horses don’t compete in rounds, and only have to complete a certain distance before their opponents to be claimed the race winner. 

Method of Victory

The method of victory betting is one of the most popular available when making bets on the boxing, as gamblers will be able to put money down on whether the selected boxer will win the contest by decision, TKO/KO, or disqualification. All three markets will offer different prices, and the bet will be settled after the final decision by the referees has been made. 

Once again, this isn’t a method available to those betting on horse racing. However, distance betting is a similar alternative in the sport, as bettors can wager money on the winning distance of a runner in a specific race. This bet will be settled after the final decision has been made on finishing positions at the race’s conclusion.  You can check more details about how it works here: 

Future Betting

Fans of horse racing and boxing are both extremely passionate about their sports, and often keep up to date with latest news headlines throughout the year. This can often bring up avenues of value for bettors when it comes to those that like to gamble on the futures market. 

For boxing, bettors are often allowed to make wagers on bouts that haven’t yet been finalised, meaning that they can get extra value on their selection in the win market. This is also the case in horse racing, as bettors can make selections on some of the biggest races before the final fields are declared. 

Research Always Important

One key similarity before betting on both horse racing and boxing is research. Assessing all potential outcomes before making a wager is required to ensure the best chance of gaining returns across both sports. That includes looking into the form of those involved, assessing their strengths and weaknesses, and whether they could be vulnerable to certain aspects, whether that be the opposition or the venue. 


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