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Top Boxing Fights of All Time

Boxing is an incredible sport, isn’t it? There are a lot of people who watch boxing religiously and cite it as being one of the best things around. There is a lot to love, to be fair. There are so many different options which we have to explore that make this incredible sport so great. 

However, capturing the greatest fights in the world? Now, that’s a little more difficult. However, it’s definitely doable if you try and find all of the different options out there. Let’s take a look at the top boxing fights of all time, so we can see how to roll with the best of them. 

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Deontay Wilder vs Tyson Fury – 2020

So our first bout is one which took place very recently. Wilder and Fury are two players with a long and brutal history for people to try and understand. However, their recent match was one for the history books, and it was pretty tough, for sure. 

So it is important to know that when it comes to these incredible athletes, you’ll be looking to watch their latest fight because it gives you the most comprehensive information about their conflict. It was a powerful, wickedly tough fight in which Fury dominated his opponent, winning every round and utterly controlling the game. It’s no surprise that he managed to win, especially considering that he trained hard for this. 

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Rocky Balboa vs Apollo Creed – 1978

Now, hold on, we know where you’re going with this. It’s a fictional fight, so does it count? Well, it may not have actually happened, but in terms of cinematography and indeed the whole sport of boxing, it was one of the top fights of all time, as well as one of the most important. 

This was a fight which redefined what it meant to be a boxer. It wasn’t just all about the glory for once – sometimes it was about fighting for what’s important in life. Rocky was a story about a boxing match which inspired a generation of fighters. It’s sort of like the Holy Bible for boxers and it may well be a film, but it’s earned its place by being one of the most important boxing matches of all time. 

George Foreman vs Muhammad Ali – 1974

So we can talk about the legendary film of Rocky all we like, but aren’t you a little interested in one of the greatest fights of the 20th century, four years prior? 

Everyone in the boxing world knows who Muhammad Ali is. The man is a boxing legend and absolutely changed the sport for everyone who came after him. And it was this fight in 1974 which really cemented his status. Known to many as “Rumble in the Jungle” this was a fast, powerful and brutal fight. Ali was a decade older than his opponent and still managed to win while breaking Foreman’s undefeated streak. It was inspiring stuff, and definitely worth a watch. 

Floyd Mayweather, Jr. vs. Manny Pacquiao – 2015

Back when this fight first premiered, it was teased so much that people probably remember it more than the actual fight itself. This was pegged as “the fight of the century” and it definitely delivered. It was fast, furious, brutal, and loaded with tension. 

This went on to be the highest earning fight of the century. Although it can’t hold a candle to Ali’s exploits over 30 years prior, it was definitely an impressive match to watch. There were a lot of different things that made this incredible, but they were all too spoiler-filled to list – go watch for yourself! 

Zolani Tete vs Siboniso Gonya – 2017

This fight definitely wasn’t as well documented as some of the others, but in 2017, history was made. Zolani Tete vs Siboniso Gonya wasn’t a big fight, nor was it set to be anything more than your average bout.

But what really made this special was the fact that Tete managed to knock out his foe in a blistering 11 seconds. It was an incredible display of power which left people in awe, and cemented his status as being one of the most impressive powerhouses of his generation. It broke the then-world record, and managed to cement both players in history as being integral parts of this new speedy KO

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Overall, these are some of the most important fights in history, for various different reasons. Obviously, it is important to look to the past and to see the world for what it is – an incredible scrapbook of moments which all contributed to the world as we know it. This was one of the most important collections of fights because one way or another, they all helped to shape the experiences that people would have in the future. Looking at these sporting legends and their matches, it is almost impossible not to be impressed with what they have managed to do. There are so many different options and it is evident that a good deal of preparation went into these fights. They don’t necessarily have to be big or impressive to be important, and in the case of many, no one expected anything more than just some plain and simple boxing. However, there are also many instances where these fights did incredibly well, and that is worth mentioning on it’s own. Without these matches, boxing may not be what it is today. 


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