Tommy Fury enjoys telling Carl Frampton he’ knows sh*t about boxing’

Carl Frampton had to take it from another furious Fury for predicting Jake Paul would beat Tommy Fury

‘The Jackal’ was previously confronted by Big John Fury after the Dillian Whyte- Tyson Fury press conference for stating the Youtuber turned fighter would defeat the Love Island contestant. 

This week the other half of the fight, Tommy Fury got to question the former two-weight world champ on his prediction and rejoiced in telling the now respected pundit he knew ‘sh*t about boxing’. 

The Irish fight great interviewed the brother of the world heavyweight champion, who beat Paul via split decision, on BT Sport ChatterBox and the victorious fighter has taken the opportunity to do a little bit of gloating.

Frampton began: “What can I say? Tommy proved me and a lot of other people wrong.

“I thought he looked good in the fight, he won comfortably and it was a good performance.

“As the fight got closer I actually started to change my mind a bit, and a lot of it was down to the confidence of Tommy and the lack of it from Jake.

“But I didn’t want to openly say, ‘I’m changing my mind,’ because then everyone goes, ‘You’re just afraid of John Fury,’ which I am by the way.

“But yeah, I thought it was a great performance, well done mate.”

Fury replied: “I appreciate it, but I’ll tell you what’s funny, all these world champions clearly don’t know s*** about boxing because they can’t even pick between two novices.

“All the people who said I couldn’t beat this man, they’ve just got egg all over their faces.

“Me and my dad said it, it was an easy fight, I clearly won it, it shouldn’t have been a split decision.

“Egg on everybody’s faces who said I couldn’t do it.”

Frampton said: “Well listen, fair play to you, again, I thought it was a good performance.

“I didn’t think it was gonna be a blowout for either man, and it was two novice professionals going at it.

“But there were just signs there that you had a bit more pedigree – your jab was better, you landed a nice uppercut as well.”

Fury interrupted: “But this is the thing, I don’t understand why nobody clicked onto this at the start.

“All these people are meant to be in the job all their lives, seasoned vets who’ve watched millions of fights.

“How can you not look at Jake Paul, then look at me and think, ‘Hold on a minute, one man knows what he’s doing and been around it all his life, and the other man’s beaten old men and MMA people.’

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“I’m only 23 years old and have no experience in boxing really, but I can call fights.

“In the build-up to this it was funny because me and my dad were sat there laughing, thinking, ‘What are these guys seeing?’

“I’m just happy I proved everybody wrong, that’s the main thing for me.”

Frampton added: “Fair play to you, I hold my hands up, I got it wrong and you did very well.”

Fury concluded: “I appreciate it and hopefully in the rematch everybody will be thinking with some sense.”


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