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‘I’ll be fighting for titles by December’ Kurt Walker

Kurt Walker believes he will be in the title picture before the year is out.

The Olympian has had a busy start to pro-life and will look to ramp things up over the next few fights.

Saturday will see the Canal BC seek to move to 7-0 and he feels it will be a great occasion in Belfast . “Mick’s challenging for the world title, what an opportunity for everybody on the card, and for Conlan boxing it’s massive as well. I can’t wait for it,” he told iFL TV.

Walker’s last outing was in April in Galway, when he fought a game Brazilian, and he feels there were lessons to be learned. “I watched the last fight back, there were a few things I did well, a few things not so well. I’m just going to try and improve, I’ve been improving every fight. I’ve had different styles of opponent every fight which is good and I’ve learned every time. At this stage it’s just for me to continue learning.”

Asked about the possibility of a future fight with Isaac Lowe, Walker said he’ll leave it in the hands of Jamie Conlan. “Whatever Jamie says I’m alright with it. I’ll definitely have a title by the end of the year. I’d even like to do my own show by the end of the year in Belfast, maybe somewhere like the Ulster Hall or somewhere. But I’ll be up to ten rounds fighting for titles by December.”

Very close to Michael Conlan, he feels that his friend will be a world champion on Saturday night. “We live together, we eat together, play games together online, we do everything together. This is the best I’ve seen him, mentally, strength wise, speed, technically. It’s the best he’s been.”

He predicted a late stoppage or a wide points win for the Belfast challenger. “It’s as focused as I’ve ever seen him. There’s been no cheating done, nothing to put a bit of doubt in his mind. He’s fully committed to it.”

Walker’s trainer Huzaifah Iqbalsaid that getting straight back on the horse after the Galway fight was helpful. “Kurt has been excellent. We’ve had good continuity since the last fight, it’s been nice that it’s been a quick turnaround since the last one. Massive shout out to Conlan boxing and Jamie for that one. Kurt was straight back into the gym, he wasn’t messing around.”

He would like to see Walker get the second stoppage of his pro career. “The kid he’s up against is tough, he’s very negative, he doesn’t do much. Ideally, everyone that Kurt goes in with, we like to try things that we’ve been working on in the gym or stop them. kurt deserves a stoppage so hopefully he gets a stoppage this fight, if it’s there.”