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Thomas Carty discusses his standing in Heavyweight division ahead of Castlebar clash

He’s a baby in heavyweight parlance and just seven fights into his pro career but Thomas Carty points out he isn’t too far off the top of the big man mountain.

The heavyweight division is more alive at present that it has been since 90s and Carty believes he can a name in it.

The BUI Celtic heavyweight champion, who fights high up this Sunday’s Platform Sports card, is aware there is work to do be done before he’s sharing the ring with the elite operators but believes he has laid solid foundations.

He also notes that things can move fast once you hit a certain level in everyone’s favourite weight class.

Hard work and some fortune are needed points out the Dillian Whyte-managed Dub, but he is confident he can progress from the prospect to contender if given the opportunity.

“Once you get into the top 100 in the world, the margins are very very slim, but in order to make up the space it takes a little bit of hard work and some luck, right time right place,” the heavyweight who gets the business explains.

Dubln, Ireland – May 20: Tomas Carty v Jay McFararlane, Vacant Celtic Heavyweight Title. 20 May 2023 Picture By Mark Robinson Matchroom Boxing Tomas Carty celebrates.

“I’m not a million miles off the mark. I’m realistic and clever enough – not the most intelligent, otherwise I wouldn’t be boxing – to know that I can definitely secure a future for myself in the sport and go down as someone who had a really good crack at a career.”

Carty has a rare fight away from massive spotlight when he faces Pavel Sour, an experienced fighter Irish fans will recall losing it as a supporter at a JB Promotions card recently, in Mayo on St Patrick’s Day.

However, he’ll return to tv fights on the proposed Matchroom Dublin cards this summer.

The Paschal Collins trained southpaw is hoping for some fights of real note on those bills but claims finding dance partners isn’t the easiest.
I’ve been trying my best to get worthwhile fights. An awful lot of people, more than you’d think keep turning me down. All we can do is keep knocking on the door.


Integral part of the Irish boxing community for over 13 years