The Ultimate Guide To Your Beginner Boxing Gear & Equipment

Jab, cross, hook, duck!

So, you’re ready to start boxing? The first boxing class you attend can seem unnerving, but it’s a reasonably straightforward sport to begin. It’s also affordable – you don’t need to spend tons of money to buy fancy equipment when starting. And with the right guidance, you can get the necessary boxing gear to keep you protected while allowing you to train at your best.

It’s all about protecting your body from injury and getting your conditioning right for any beginner boxer.

And if anyone asks you why you chose boxing, remember to mention that it’s the fastest way to build stamina, burn calories, and improve your agility, balance, and muscle coordination. 

Now that you have the right mindset, here’s the gear you need to get started.

Boxing gloves 

With boxing gloves, it’s easy to fall for the hype of price signaling. At this point in your amateur boxing career, all you need are functional gloves. However, that doesn’t mean you should buy the dirt-cheap gloves that’ll fall apart once you pound the bag all evening. 

According to this website, you can learn about the best boxing gloves and accessories that are affordable and easy to find.

There are two types of gloves out there, and your choice depends on how you plan to start: 

  • Training gloves (also called bag gloves)
  • Sparring gloves (also called competition gloves)

You also want to check out the ounce size of your preferred gloves. Training gloves should be between 10 – 12 oz while your sparring gloves can be about 16oz.

Hand wraps 

After gloves, these are a must-have. You can even do without gloves and buy hand wraps if you can manage the smelly gloves you’ll find at the gym. They protect the delicate and small bones of the hand from sprains, strains, and breaks, especially at this stage. Otherwise, you could permanently damage your wrist by throwing a punch wrongly.

They also keeps the sweat and blood from seeping into your gloves, which protects the longevity of your gloves.

While there are various styles to choose from, you should get one that is 1.8m long. The longer forms ensure you can wrap your hands in multiple ways and still be comfortable.

Boxing shoes

Most folks would say you don’t need boxing shoes to start. Yes, almost any athletic or tennis shoes work, but footwork is an essential element of boxing. If you want to improve your movement while sparring, you should get a pair of boxing shoes.

They come with flexible and thin soles that allow you to glide across the ring when sparring. They also give your ankle support, allowing for sharp turns and feints. 


Getting headgear is crucial if you plan on sparring with a fellow boxer at some point. It would be best if you bought something durable because you will get a lot of punches to the head. While it won’t protect you from a concussion, or a blackout, it can prevent any unnecessary scrapes, bruises, and cuts.

A proper headgear will also lessen the impact of some of the blows. Ensure it’s the right size for your head. You don’t want to be adjusting it in the middle of a sparring session. 

You can also get one that protects your cheeks. However, try it on in the store to make sure it doesn’t distort your vision.

The Bottom Line

The importance of getting the right equipment can’t be underestimated. It protects you from getting injured and gives you a better chance of improving at one of the most famous combat sports.

If you’re serious about boxing, start stocking up today!


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