Boxing Betting Markets for Beginners

Boxing betting can be great fun, and when the big events come around, many people enjoy a wager on the bout.

The number of available betting markets on each fight is considerably better than what we had a decade ago, something that has really improved the overall boxing service that bookmakers offer.

This has given punters more choice than ever before, but what if you are a complete boxing betting beginner?

If this applies to you, rather than jumping in on complicated betting markets, you should instead look for something simple. On big heavyweight battles such as those involving Tyson Fury, a wager alongside watching it can bring even more fun to the night you have planned.

For those looking to head in the right direction, here are three boxing betting markets for beginners that are nice and simple.

Who Will Win the Fight?

This is the best way to start as it is the easiest betting market to understand. With this market and a welcome offer such as risk free betting for new customers, those who want to start betting on boxing can do so in the right way.

Whether you are placing a bet on the fight or just watching along, you will have an opinion on who you think will win the fight. All you are doing with this betting market is putting a bet on your opinion.

You don’t need to think about any particular aspect of the site or think about something you won’t have already. Look at the fight, pick out who you think will win and then place a bet to match that.

This market is the perfect way into boxing betting for any newcomer, so this should always be where you head after signing up with a bookmaker.

How Will the Fight Be Won?

This adds another element to the bet you place, but generally speaking it is something else that you will have an opinion on before a fight. With this market you are combining two things, you are choosing who you think will win and also how they will win.

For example, your bet here would be Carl Frampton to win and the method of victory to be a knockout. Those who watch boxing will always have an opinion on who they think will win, and that is often joined to an opinion on how the fight will be won.

There is another element added here, which makes the bet slightly more complicated but it is something that boxing fans will have all thought about, so you are not doing anything different.

Again, just like with the first betting market, you are simply betting on the opinion you hold, which you will have already been thinking about.

Total Rounds

There are many ways in which you can bet on the rounds in a boxing match, the easiest way to do this is to bet on the total round line. This is an over/under line, so there are only two possible options making this the easiest and simplest betting market of this type.

The actual fight outcome does not matter here, what you are betting on is the number of rounds solely and nothing else.

For example, the line in a fight may be 5.5 rounds. The two options to bet are under, which is five rounds or less and over which is six rounds or more.

Alongside having an opinion on who wins the fight, many people will have an opinion on how long the fight will last. If you have this, then you can bet on a market just like this one if you are looking for something different. 


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