The truth behind Carl Frampton’s supposed travel sickness

Quigg may have a point that Frampton enjoys having his massive support around him, indeed Shane McGuigan has admitted that his charge thrives off the hype and excitement surrounding fight week in Belfast. McGuigan even went as far as to say he all but ‘needs it’ to perform to his best, but that shouldn’t be an issue in Manchester this week. If Frampton couldn’t bring the mammoth fight to Belfast he it seems he will bring Belfast to Manchester. Thousands of Irish fight fans are set to invade the English city and in terms of hype you can’t get much bigger than a PPV sold out World title fight.

If Scott Quigg is to believed, Carl Frampton is a worse traveler than a vertigo-sufferer making a plane trip or a motion-sickness patient journeying on a boat.
Quigg doesn’t believe Frampton is a road warrior, indeed he is adamant ‘The Jackal’ struggles competing outside Belfast.
The fighter who takes on the IBF champion in a massive unification fight in the Manchester Arena this coming Saturday night believes the Belfast man is like a fish out of water outside his home town and away from his loyal and substantially-sized following.
The fact of the matter is, Frampton has yet to lose a fight either home or AWAY as a pro and has represent Ireland well in foreign climes. However, it’s not just Quigg who is of the opinion the undefeated 29 year old isn’t at his best away from home.
It may be true his least impressive displays have been out of his home town, but each case and fight, which it has to be stressed ended in Frampton adding another green W to his Boxrec profile, can be taken on their individual merits.
‘The Jackal’ was put to the canvas twice against Alejandro Gonzalez Jr in the first round of his last fight out in Texas, but has since indicated he overlooked the Mexican and was focused more on putting in an eye-catching performance for American fight fans than just winning the fight.
Not to mention he recovered well to secure a comfortable points victory live on American terrestrial TV. Their may have been some travel issues with regard to making the weight and similar water retention issues Quigg’s stable mate Paul Smith raised when he failed to make weight against Andre Ward Stateside. The canvas wasn’t particularly to the Belfast man’s liking and Frampton will admit the lack of atmosphere was something new to him.
Other on-the-road fights that some say the Belfast fighter wasn’t at his best in include Robbie Turley back in the Summer of 2011 and Raul Hirales in Nottingham in 2012.
The Celtic title fight with Turley saw Frampton cut for the first time (after a clash of heads) and wasn’t as routine as most expected. However, apart from the Gonzalez bout, Turley was the only time the Cyclone puncher was overconfident and as result looking to the horizion and not what was immediately in front of him. He admits to making some mistakes in the build up and has always stated in learnt from his pre-fight errors in what turned out to be a key fight is creating his current mindset.
In regard to Hirales, the Sky pundits were unimpressed ‘The Jackal’ didn’t go up through the gears and take out his opponent in an Intercontinental IBF clash. However Frampton was punch perfect on the back foot.
The 29 year old was hurt by Sky pundits suggestions, which now look beyond ludicrous, that he could only fight on the front foot and may struggle when pushed back. And as a result deliberately took the chance to show his footwork and skill set. He did that impressively winning every round and taking a step up in class with ease.


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