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The man who beat them both calls Frampton versus Quigg

We reminded you about the forgoten man who beat them all last month. Ryan Lindberg boasts an impress CV he accounted for names like Tyrone McCullagh, Marco McCullough, London 2012 Gold medal winner Luke Campbell, Jamie Conlan and more.

If you trawl through his list of amateur wins you will notice he also defeated both Carl Frampton and Scott Quigg, who meet in the biggest fight of the year so far in Manchester on February 27.

The five time Ulster champ beat friend and fellow Belfast man Frampton in the Ulster Senior final in 2005 and in the National Seniors in 2007 and also had his hand raised after three threes with Scott Quigg in 2006.

Considering his dalliances with both came a decade or more ago and was in amateur competitions he might not be as well placed as another common foe Kiko Martinez when it comes to calling the mega world title fight, but like the man that lost to both the man that beat both see’s Frampton emerging victoriouRyan Lindbergs.

In a entertaining interview with the Irish News Lindberg said

“He (Quigg) wasn’t as good as Frampton. With Quigg, I was keeping him at bay easily, I thought I won the fight easily. His style was to come forward and block punches with his face.

“I think Frampton’s going to win easy. Here’s the difference between the two fighters – Frampton went over and fought in America. He got knocked down twice in the first round [by Alejandro Gonzalez jnr], he changed his thinking and his style to win the fight.

“I don’t think Quigg could do that. Quigg just goes out and does the same thing over and over again. I don’t think he’ll stop him. Quigg got the head punched off him by the Cuban (Solinas) and he didn’t go down, so I think he’s got a good chin. Even whenever I fought him I hit him as hard as I could, I was hitting him easy, but he just kept coming forward and coming forward.

Lindberg also doesn’t take to much from the pair contrasting results against former World and European champ Martinez.
“People talk about Quigg stopping Martinez – but that’s after Frampton beat him twice. Martinez is older now, he’s been around a long time, and he’s probably done out.”


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