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Ormond will do a ‘Spike’ and annoy Champions into fighting him suggests Collins

“Whatever fight Stephen’s in it’s always a good fight, but I think Terry and Derry are concentrating on fighting each other at the moment. So we will see where the land lies after that fight,” Franics Warren was non committal when  pushed on whether or not Stephen Ormond was on the radar for the winner of Terry Flanagan and Derry Matthews WBO World title fight.

However, ‘The Rock’s’ trainer Pascal Collins claims the Dublin lightweight not only deserves the winner, but will do all he can to ensure that he gets that or another World title fight in 2016.

Collins understand’s the Murphy’s boxing lightweight is seen as high risk and low reward at present, but if the champions particularly in Britain won’t willingly fight the Dubliner, who challenges for the IBF Intercontinental belt in Boston next month, Team Ormond will force their hand.

Plan A is to secure mandatory status, but quiet gent Ormond may even adopt the ‘Spike approach’ and all but embarrass and annoy fellow lightweight’s into fighting him.

“Stephen has this title in March, which will get him a top ranking and then he will do a Spike basically and start calling these guys out. Hopefully then promoters will take the risk. We will sign the options he just wants that World title fight and when he gets the chance he will beat any of the lightweights out there,” Collins said before addressing the Terry Flanagan Derry Matthew’s situation.

“I believe the winner of Derry Matthews and Terry Flannagan should fight Steve Ormond next. It is the only fight to make. He beat Derry and he was disqualified against Terry and we won’t go into that again, there was alot going on at the time. Terry did say he would give him a rematch and I believe that fight should happen, but it may not because with Crolla, Mitchell and the like there is a lot of money at stake. I am sure Murphy’s Boxing would be open to doing a co promotion with Frank Warren and we could do a massive World title fight in Dublin.”


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